Thursday, September 22, 2011


We found another possum in our yard, like, right on our patio!  And this happened Saturday night.  Or maybe Sunday.  I can't remember which.  Anyway, Nicky found this possum, and it was hiding behind some plants.  It wasn't climbing the tree, like the one Mel found before.  So Mom came out to see what Nicky was so excited about, and at first all Mom could see was the tail, so she didn't know if it was a rat or a possum.  But she stamped her foot, and the tail didn't run away, so she figured it was not a rat.  Then she went and got her camera and took a couple of pictures.  This possum was much smaller than the last one, so we think it was just a baby one.  None of us got to eat it, which is kind of sad, since I'll bet it was nice and tender and juicy.

We are getting a new lawn!  A man came and sprayed our whole front yard, and that made all the grass die, plus also the violets, which was the main thing we wanted to get rid of.  Then that man and another man came and used a machine called a tiller, and it chewed up all the dead grass and dirt.  After that, they planted a bunch of grass seeds.  Now Mom has to water the yard every day so that the grass seeds will grow.

Mom bought us a new bedspread, and she got it at a thrift shop for only $9.99.  In the picture, you can see how cute Jacen and I look sitting on the new bedspread.  The old bedspread had a bunch of places where dogs had chewed holes and eaten the corners off of it.  Mom says she does not know how these things happen.  I know, but I am not telling.  Anyway, we have had the new bedspread for almost a week now, and no one has chewed on it yet.  Mom didn't want to spend a lot of money on a new bedspread, for some reason, so that's why she got one at the thrift store.  It's a very nice bedspread, except that it has funny puckers in a couple of places, but we don't care about that.

Here is a picture of the tile that Mom and Nicky painted.  It's pretty ugly, if you ask me, and Mom will say the same thing, if you ask her.

Mom bought two pieces of artwork at Art Unleashed, and here are some pictures of them.  The first piece is about 6"x6" and it's painted on a board.  It says "What would Johnny Cash do?"  Mom thinks this is funny, so that's why she bought it.  Also she likes the dog in the painting, and I do, too, even though the dog is not a basenji.

This other painting is of two dalmatians in front of a fireplace.  Mom said she likes the colors in the fireplace, which are all mostly brown.  What I like is the dalmatians, but I think their heads are shaped kind of funny.

Charlie started puking again, so he had to go see Dr. Patricia.  She said he probably has either (1) inflammatory bowel disease, (2) pancreatitis, or (3) intestinal cancer.  Most likely, it is IBD, which is the same thing Gabe had.  Mom had two cats in the past with this same thing, and she is tired of dealing with it, but it's better than cancer.  Anyway, Charlie has to take a bunch of pills, like prednisolone, metronidazole, and Pepcid.  Also he has to get probiotics in his food.

My last test of my adrenal gland said that my cortisol is still low, which makes me have something more like Addison's Disease instead of Cushing's Disease.  Anyway, we are trying to get the cortisol back to the normal place, but guess what!  I can now jump on the bed again, which I couldn't do for a while, and I have more energy.  Also my hair is growing back, and I don't look so bald anymore!

So that's all the latest news, and now you are totally up to date!


  1. Hi Piper,

    I'm so sorry you're still sick. You're looking better though! Has your momma been brushing you with the Zoom Groom?

    I hope Charlie gets well soon!

    Bad opossum! Zena would be chasing after that thing in a minute! I hope someone comes to get the opossum soon!

    Your new bedspread contrasts with your fur nicely. It makes it shinier.

    Big, smoochie kisses from me to you and many scratches behind the ears,

    P.S. Zena gives you a distracted hi. She's watching TV!

  2. Dear Auntie Katie,

    Don't tell anybody, but I kind of like it when Charlie is sick because I get to help my brothers eat his puke. It tastes like cat food, which my mom does not usually give us, so it is kind of like getting a special treat.

    We were watching TV earlier, too. We were watching Grey's Anatomy. Is that what Zena was watching?

    Thanks for the kisses and ear scratches!


  3. Piper,

    We recorded Grey's Anatomy. We watched with Project Runway (and that's on at the same time as GA.) Zena loves Michael Kors and his witty remarks like my mom. There's a commercial for Project Runway that's all Michael Kors and his Kors-isms and she LOVES that commercial. I think she makes me rewind live television to watch that commercial a hundred times!


    P.S. Eating puke is icky!

  4. HI, Di here. Sorry we didn't get to read the blog until this morning. My mom was gone all day and eveing yesterday. She can be so inconsiderate of Dodi/I!! Dodi is such a big baby, he hates it when mom is gone for several hours. Anyway, I am so very sorry that Charlie is puking again. Dodi does that once in awhile too. Piper, I must say for a dog with your health issues you DON'T look sick! My mom says you will be fine...and the cortisol will soon be normal again - I have NO idea what she's talking about. I'm so glad your mom got a picture of the possum because I've never seen one before - though my mom says she has. We like the new bedspread and all the artwork your mom bought. Dodi and I think the best piece of art is the one that your mom and Nicky made - we think you might want to let the Nelson Art Gallery "borrow" it for a short time! Mom says it's time to go read today's blog.
    Love, Di

  5. Dear Di,
    My mom does that thing, too, where she's gone a whole long time, and I don't like it! She's going to be gone all evening today because of the Plaza Art Fair, and also she's going to be there half the day tomorrow. I know that it's important for her to help find homes for some of the Humane Society dogs, but she shouldn't neglect her own dogs so much while she is doing that!

    Mom says the Nelson can borrow that tile any time. In fact, she says she will sell it to them for only a few thousand dollars, if they really want it. Hahahaha!

    Love, Piper