Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hi! I'm JACEN!

WOW!  I am sooooo excited about writing in this blog thingy because I want to tell everybody ALL ABOUT ME!  And the first thing I want to say is that I am a cute, funny, kitten, and I LOVE to PLAY!  Yep, that's my very favorite thing to do!  I could just play all day long and then some, because it it so very, very fun!  But I also have to leave a little time for eating and sleeping, because I really like to do those things, too!

I am really, really glad I got to come to this foster home place, because I'm having such a great time running around all over the house and playing, playing, playing!  There are so many GREAT things to play with, and here  are some of my faves so far:   shoelaces, shower curtains, bedspreads, cobwebs, rugs, sofa corners, dog tails, clothes, towels, eyeglasses, kleenexes, pencils, camera straps, and my very own feet and cute little tail!

Every single day I find something new and exciting to play with!  I am just sooooo happy to be alive and to be a kitten and to play with stuff all day long!  I can't even tell you how happy I am!  My life here is almost totally perfect, and the only thing that would be more perfect is if I had another kitten to play with.  Those two Big Cats who live here, well, all they do is hiss and growl at me.  I don't know what their problem is.  But I just keep following them around, and any day now, I know they'll get over it and realize what a super-fun kitten I am!

The dogs mostly don't pay any attention to me, so they aren't much fun.  That tall dog actually gets up and WALKS AWAY when I come around!  What's up with that?  I wish he'd stay and let me play with his really long tail.  That would make such an awesome toy!  That one dog that is called Barry -- he's got a really cool tail with a big curl in it, and he wags it all the time, like he just WANTS me to pounce on it.  But then when I do, he just ignores me and goes away.  Sheesh!

Well, and then there's Piper.  She's pretty nice, and sometimes she sort of tries to play, but I can tell she mostly forgot how to do it because she's so old.  I think it will all come back to her eventually, though, because how can you ever, ever forget how to PLAY?

Mom says my ears are too big for the rest of me, and she also says that my legs and tail are too long for the rest of me.  But that's silly because I know that everything about me is PERFECT!  And I'm really smart, too!  I even figured out how to get up on the very tall kitchen counter by climbing up a towel that was hanging on the oven door.  Mom says I am too clever for my own good, but I don't know what she means by that.  And another thing she says is that I have way more energy than a kitten could ever need.  I think Mom just says crazy things so she can hear herself talk!

Oh, and I just LOVE the computer!  When Mom is using it, I like to walk all over the keys.  Mom gets mad when I do that, which is part of what makes it so much fun!  Also I like to watch stuff move around on the screen.  There's a bug that's shaped sort of like an arrow.  I keep trying to catch it, but it always gets away from me!  Yesterday Mom showed me something called Petfinder.  There were lots of pictures of cats and dogs there.  Mom said that someday soon MY picture would be there, too, and then somebody would see it and decide to adopt me, and then I could go live in my Forever Home.  I can hardly wait!  I hope there are lots of kittens there for me to play with!

And here's a picture of me asking Piper if I could write in her blog, and her saying, "Sure, whatever."

Then I had to sit and think about what I wanted to write.

And when I finished, I curled up in Mom's lap in front of the TV.  But after a while, I sort of went to sleep.  Which was fine, because I like sleeping, remember?  And sleeping gives me all that energy I need to play!


  1. Hi Jacen, my name is Dodi and I'm a cat too. I say, too, although you are younger than me - so I guess you are really a kitten. That's ok, I was a kitten once too. I wish my mom would adopt you because I have lots of energy and I think we would get along great! My sister, Di, is not as much fun as me and she would probably hiss & growl at you too...she's just not friendly. I will talk to my mom about adopting you, however, my mom has already said, "NO MORE PETS." I think that's kind of a silly thing to say. You did a great job writing today, and it was nice that Piper let you.
    Love, Dodi

  2. Hi, Dodi,
    My mom told me about you and how you are a wild and crazy cat! I think we could play together and have a bunch of fun, so you definitely need to talk your mom into adopting me. Or if she can't adopt me, maybe she knows somebody else who needs a fabulous kitten like me.
    Bye now!

  3. Hello Jacen,

    You are so cute! I think you're big green emerald eyes are your best feature! They're very pretty. For your photo on Petfinder, your momma should post a photo of your head tilted and your big green eyes shining from the sun! They're so pretty!

    I don't think your ears or tail are too big. I just think you haven't yet grown into them. I think your ears are cute! They give you character!

    One big kiss,

    P.S. Next time your momma teases you, just remember you have character and spunk. Having spunk counts in this world. Without spunk, you might as well be a plain piece of paper which is plain boring. Be spunky!

  4. Dear Aunt Katie,
    Thank you for saying nice things about my beautiful green eyes and about my spunk! I am trying hard to grow into my big ears and my long tail, and Mom says it won't be long before I do!