Thursday, September 1, 2011

"I AM CARSON," as told to Piper

I asked my little kitten foster brother, Carson, if he would like to write in my blog, and he said, "What is a blog?" and "How do you 'write'?"  So I said he could just tell me anything he wanted to, and I would write it in my blog for him.

But before I start, I will just mention that Carson weighed 11.5 ounces on Monday, which means he is getting bigger and fatter all the time.  Today Mom took him to the shelter again, and while they were gone, guess what happened!  Somebody PEED ON THE KITCHEN COUNTER where Carson's carrier usually is!

I did not see who did the peeing, but I can tell who it was just by smelling the pee.  Mom, who has only an inferior human nose, had to guess who did the peeing, and she guessed that it was Chloe because Chloe is the kind of cat who would do something naughty like that.  We think that Chloe (or Charlie) peed on the counter to show their unhappiness about having another cat in the house, even if it is only a tiny little one like Carson.  Dogs would never act in this silly way, of course, so I guess it is just a cat thing.

Okay, well, that is enough of that, so I will get on with Carson's blog entry.  Here it is:

I am Carson.  I am a little kitten.
I don't know much yet because I am so little.
I had a mama, but then I couldn't find her.
I cried and cried.  I crawled around.  I was dirty and hungry.
But I couldn't find my mama.
A man came and found me.
It was the first human I ever met.
I was scared, so I cried and cried.
The man was really big, but he was nice.
He fed me milk.
It was not my mama's milk, but I was hungry, so I ate it.
The man cleaned me up.
My mama used to clean me up, but she got lost.
The man took me somewhere and left me.
There were lots of humans there.

A woman took me home with her.
She feeds me milk from a bottle, like the man did.
It is not my mama's milk, but I drink it.
She says she is my mom now.
I pee and poop.  I sleep.  I drink more milk.

Mom put food in a dish for me.  I put my foot in it.
Then I put my other foot in it.
Mom put my mouth in the food.
The food went in my nose.  I sneezed.
I licked some food off my nose.
I like the bottle better.

I have teeth and claws.
I know how to use them.

I was on the patio.
Something came and sniffed at me.

Mom put me on top of it.  She took my picture.

I have a bed.  It is big and soft and warm.
I like to sleep.
That's all.



  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww, very cute Piper! We like our kitties too. Well, they're not kitties anymore, but that's ok. Peeve who will almost be 13 lives in mom's bedroom, and she's scared of me and Jenna, but boy does she love Dannii! Dannii will let her clean and wash his face and ears. Don't know what's wrong with that picture, but most assuredly something is!
    Carson is very cute!

  2. Thanks, Zak! I'm very proud of my Kitten Carson. It will be great when he gets big enough to wash my face and ears, but Mom says we are not keeping him that long. Our other kitties will sometimes wash each other, but they don't wash dogs!

  3. Oh my gosh....little Carson is soooo cute!! He reminds me so much of another cat, Cali, that I had several years ago. Cali, was also tiny and totally black. Piper, I am so impressed with you asking your foster brother if he wanted to contribute to "your" blog, and that you offered to do the writing for him! Personally, I think you deserve a treat...or an extra treat! Gosh - I think I fell in love with Carson, he is a sweetie.
    Love, AP

  4. Dear Aunt Patty,
    I think I deserve an extra treat, too, but I just had my bedtime treat, and then Mom remembered that I am supposed to be fasting because of my blood test tomorrow, so I probably shouldn't have even had that treat, let alone an extra treat. Sigh.

    Anyway, I am glad that you fell in love with Carson because now maybe you can adopt him when he is big enough. Don't you think Dodi and Di would like that?

    Love, Piper

  5. Ha! To be honest, I've thought more than once about possibly writing to your mom about adopting Carson!! Now...having said that, I guess it's not suppose to happen. Because my complex did an inspection of our townhouses yesterday, and I was "reminded" we are allowed ONLY ONE pet!! Of course, I know that, but usually if anyone comes to the door - Dodi/Di usually run and hide. NOT this time, they just stood there looking. UGH!! I am sorry, as Carson is sooooo cute! :(
    Love, AP

  6. Dear Aunt Patty,
    It is clear to me that you need to move to a different place where you can have lots of pets, including maybe also a dog. I don't know why you keep living in that silly townhouse where they think one pet is enough. It's like those potato chips where you can't eat just one! Well, I'm not saying you should eat your pets! I just mean you can't have just one pet and be happy. Anyway, that is my honest and unbiased opinion, and I think it is probably shared by Dodi and Di.
    Love, Piper

  7. Piper: I am in total agreement with you. I mean, I've lived here 16 years, and have ALWAYS had more than one pet. In fact, for a few years I had 2 cats and one dog...and now, all of a sudden, they want me to follow the rules? What's up with that? The rule is no pet over 25 lbs., so...I say, if I add up what my pets weigh and it's under 25lbs...what the problem?
    Give me more time.... :)
    Love, AP

  8. I think the rule means that you can have any number of pets, as long as none of them is over 25 lbs. That would make it a good rule, if you ask me! Hahahaha!
    Love, Piper