Saturday, October 22, 2011


Last night Mom went to a poetry reading, and the three people who read their poems were women that Mom used to work with at Hallmark.  One of them read a poem about her cat, but none of the poems were about dogs, which I think was a terrible oversight.  So I decided to make up for this by writing a poem in my blog today.  The poem that I wrote is very heartfelt and deep, and I hope you will not get too sad when you read it.


In the autumn morning, the sun
comes up
in a puny sort of way and I
get out of bed
and stretch,
like dogs always do when
they first wake up.

Then I eat breakfast
from my little
dish and after that I go
out into the yard
to commune with squirrels

or maybe I mean
to hunt squirrels because
I am a descendant of
mighty hunters from the Congo
and hunting is what I do.

But alas, I have
caught a squirrel, those pesky
squirrels who run
up trees and do
things like that, and it's
totally unfair that I can't
catch one because

I really have this beautiful
that someday I will.
O, how sad my dream is,
always so far
out of reach!  I howl my
to the god of canine hunters,

who I hope really exists,
and who will maybe
hear my plaintive howl
and answer it, so I
can catch one squirrel, just
one before I am

too old to hunt them.
Yes, that is my dream, my
humble basenji dream,
and is it really
too much to ask?


  1. Loved it Piper and I think YOU should have also worked at Hallmark! Great writing.
    Love, AP

  2. Awww, poor Piper! One day you'll catch a squirrel! Just keep trying!

    I think you're poem is very cute. The structure is very Piper.

  3. Thanks, Katie! I think you're right, and someday I will catch a squirrel. I'm glad you liked my poem, too!