Saturday, October 29, 2011


Last year, Piper wrote a blog entry about dogs in dorky costumes, and this year she said I should do one about cats wearing costumes.  Well, I scoffed at her, because I didn't think any cat anywhere in the world would stoop so low as to wear a costume.  But when I did a Google search, I was horrified to see a plethora of photos of costume-wearing felines!  Yikes!  I simply cannot imagine how such a humiliating thing could happen to all these poor kitties, but there it was, in full color, right on the internet.

So, although I am totally ashamed to admit it, there really are some cats out there who have been coerced into putting on clothing, simply for the amusement of their humans.  What were these people thinking?  Don't they know that cats are perfectly beautiful in every way, without the "enhancement" of a costume?  And what were these kitties thinking?  Don't they have claws and teeth?  Why don't they use them?   I will never understand it!  Never!  But anyway, now that I've started writing, I feel I have no choice but to go ahead and show you some photos so that you can see for yourselves how totally asinine a cat looks in a costume.

Of course, the obvious irony is to dress a cat up as a mouse.

At least this poor little kitten can't be blamed for being too young to know what he was getting into when someone stuck a costume on him.

Mon dieu!  It's some kind of silly French-looking cat, and with jack-o-lanterns, too.

And speaking of pumpkins, here's a cat dressed up to look like one.

Okay, it's true that cats don't like getting wet, but this is going to extremes!

This cat actually has the decency to look embarrassed to be caught wearing a costume.

Well, Hello Kitty!

At least this costume has play value.  I'd love to get my paws on those feathers!

And this wig could be a fun time, too!

Do you think this girl will attract a hot tom?

Here are four cats who all agreed to wear costumes and to pose in them too!  It totally blows my mind!

The very rare Cat Penguin.

And finally, the businessman cat.  He doesn't look very happy.  Perhaps his stock portfolio is not performing well.

I don't know who is making all these kitty costumes, but he or she is probably purring all the way to the bank!  At least I have put Mom on notice that if she ever tries to make me wear a costume, I will scratch her eyes out, and I believe she is taking my warning quite seriously!


  1. Dear Chloe - so happy and relieved to know that you DON'T like dressing up!! I don't mean to insult anyone who is reading today’s blog, but I've never ever liked seeing an animal/pet dressed's just not normal. The ONLY time one of my dogs had on any type of clothing was when I would pick up him/her from the vet and someone had put a scarf around his/her neck. I can handle a scarf...but even then, it came off as soon as we got in the car. I can't imagine even trying to costume Dodi or Di; Dodi wouldn't stand still long enough, and Di would hide and never show her face again. LOL!!

    On another note: I'm thinking you have a birthday coming up soon? I'm sure your mom is renting out maybe the Sprint Center or some other venue to celebrate...isn't she? LOL!
    Love, AP

  2. Dear Aunt Patty,

    I'm sure that Di and Dodi love having a mom who doesn't believe in dressing them up! They are very lucky cats, and I'm a lucky cat, too!

    And yep, my birthday is coming up on Tuesday. I will be 7 years old, which is a very lucky age to be, I think. My mom said she could not afford to rent the Sprint Center, and I don't much care for crowds anyway, so we will just have a nice, quiet celebration at home.

    Love, Chloe