Friday, October 28, 2011


Remember how Mom used to be so worried about me because I didn't feel like doing anything, and I couldn't even jump up on the bed anymore?  And then remember how we finally figured out that I had Cushing's Disease, and I've been taking a bunch of pills and stuff?  Well, guess what!  Lately, I've been feeling soooooo much better, and when I feel better, I'm always on the lookout for something fun to do!

What I found to do that lots of fun -- as any basenji knows -- is tearing things up!  So that's what I've started doing, just whenever I feel the need for some excitement.  So far, I've torn up two dog beds and a pillow.  Here's a picture of me with the first dog bed I ripped up.

I actually ripped it and unstuffed it more than what you see in the picture, but at a certain point, Mom got disgusted and stopped taking pictures.  After that, she just put the whole dog bed in a trash bag and took it out to the garage.  Then the men in the big, noisy truck came and took it away.

There was another dog bed upstairs in the bedroom that I also made a big hole in, but Mom didn't take any pictures of it.  She was going to throw it away, but now she thinks that maybe she can mend it, which will be great because then maybe I can tear it up again!

But the thing that made Mom the maddest was when I ripped up her feather pillow.  This happened last Saturday morning, when Mom was supposed to be going to a satellite adoption for the Humane Society.  Well, first Mom slept later than she meant to, and then when she got up, she forgot to put her pillows away in the closet like she usually does.  And the reason why she puts her pillows in the closet is because a couple of times, many years ago, I might have happened to chew the corners off of one of them.  So for their own protection, she does not leave the pillows on the bed unless she is sleeping there.

Well, on Saturday, Mom went downstairs to let my brothers outside, but I did not go down there because I didn't really need to pee yet, and besides that, I discovered that Mom forgot to put her pillows away.  So when I did go downstairs, I was all covered with feathers, and Mom was Not Happy!  I didn't care, though, because tearing up the pillow was tons of fun!  Wow!  Those feathers just go EVERYWHERE!  And they all smell like geese or chickens or something that would be really yummy to eat.  But you can't really eat the feathers themselves, because they get all wet and weird in your mouth, and they stick to your tongue, and you can't hardly even swallow them.  But they are fun to play with.  At least Jacen thought so.  He got right in the middle of the feathers and started playing and jumping around.

Anyway, Mom just shut the bedroom door and said she would clean up the feathers later, and she was hurrying to get ready to go to the satellite, but then Aunt Jana called and said some of the dogs at the shelter had kennel cough, so they couldn't go to the satellite, and Aunt Jana asked Mom if she wanted to not come there, and Mom said yes, because she needed to stay home and clean up feathers.  Which is what she did, and it took a long time, but now our house is mostly feather-free.

Okay, well, here's some other news.  Mom has been meaning to buy a new sewing machine for like a year or more, and she finally went out and bought one last Thursday.  I think she might have been inspired by all the mending she thinks she will be doing, now that I'm feeling lots better.  And of course, Barry is still busy tearing things up, too, so between the two of us, there's always plenty for Mom to do.

Here's a picture of Mom's new sewing machine, with Jacen checking it over to make sure it is a good kind of machine for making dog beds and cat beds.  Mom already used the machine on Tuesday to mend the bedspread that got a little chewed up and de-stuffed.  Then she mended two old dog beds that got torn up somehow last year.  So now we have a few more soft things to sleep on, which is good because the weather is starting to get colder.

Now I will tell you an interesting mystery about a bowl that Mom bought at a thrift shop.  This bowl looks sort of like a cantaloupe on the outside and like a grapefruit on the inside.  Mom says she thinks it was made in a mold, and then painted by hand.  The original price that was on the bowl was $2.98, but this price was marked out, and there was a new price of $.50.  So that's what Mom paid for the bowl.

At first, Mom was going to take the bowl to the Humane Society, so the kitties there could eat out of it.  But then she decided that it might get tipped over by kitties, so she kept the bowl herself.  Anyway, here's what is interesting about the bowl.  On the bottom, it says "To Eileen From Janet."  So of course, now we wonder who these two people were, and why Janet went to all the trouble to make a bowl for Eileen, but the bowl ended up in a thrift shop, where it only cost $.50.

Were Eileen and Janet lovers, and did they break up, and then Eileen got rid of everything that reminded her of Janet?  Or were they sisters?  Or maybe just friends?  Did Eileen die, and somebody cleaned out her house and took a bunch of her stuff to the thrift store?  I guess there is no way to find out the answers to these important questions, which is kind of sad.  A person could write an entire fictional story about this bowl, but I'm not going to do it because I will be too busy taking a nap or ripping up a dog bed!


  1. Awww, poor Piper!

    I think she should be happy because your tearing up stuff means you're feeling better! I think she just doesn't see your point of view!


  2. You're right! I'm feeling very misunderstood. Maybe someday I'll be able to convince Mom that I'm right and she's wrong. Then she'll let me tear up as much stuff as I want to!


  3. Maybe she'll give you some newspaper to tear up. Zena doesn't like paper much, but my other terrier did! If Zena destroys paper though, she destroys it in a neat little pile. It's kind of funny! How do you destroy paper?

  4. Mom gives me and Barry some of her junk mail to eat, which we do, but Barry eats his really fast, and then he attacks me so he can take my junk mail away from me and eat it, too. So I get to tear up a little of it, but not very much before Barry takes it away. Mom used to give us newspaper to tear up, but she doesn't do that anymore because newspaper gets smudgy all over the floor and furniture and probably inside us, too, and she doesn't want us to have smudgy insides. Oh, plus Barry is allergic to soy, and newspaper is printed with soy ink.