Thursday, October 6, 2011


Wow!  Did you ever notice how latest news keeps happening all the time?  Well, I already have some more of it to tell you about, so here goes.

First of all, Mom went to some thrift shops and to an estate sale Saturday, and she found some Valuable Treasures that she thought might make us rich.  For one thing, she found an original watercolor painting, and it was signed "Chagall," so right away, Mom thought it was probably worth thousands or millions of dollars.  And this is because Marc Chagall was this famous French artist who liked to paint strange things such as chickens and goats and people all sort of floating in the air.

And in this painting that Mom found, there was a half chicken, half woman in the air with the Eiffel Tower behind it, and also a vase of flowers, and it all seemed very Chagall-ish.  And best of all, the painting only cost $10, so Mom figured we would make a bundle on it, if it was really painted by Mr. Chagall.  I was very excited, because if we made a ton of money by selling this painting at some famous auction house, we would be able to buy a truckload of dog treats and other yummy stuff.

But sadly, when Mom started looking online at Mr. Chagall's paintings, and especially at his signature, she didn't think the signature on the painting she bought looked like the way Mr. Chagall usually signed his name, which was that he made loopy L's, and the L's are just straight lines on our painting.  So it's possible that our Chagall is not the real thing, but I prefer to believe that it is, and that we will still get rich by selling it, because I think it would be really fun to be rich!

Anyway, another Valuable Treasure that Mom bought on Saturday was a hand-painted Delft pottery jug thing with a handle and a cork.  Mom says it might be what is called a cruet, but she's not sure what it is exactly.  On the bottom, it says it came from the Hoppe Distilleries in Amsterdam, which is a city in Holland.  You can tell that this cruet thingy comes from Holland because one of the paintings on it is a windmill, and there are lots of windmills in Holland.  Also there are lots of wooden shoes and tulips.

Mom paid about $10 for this Delft pottery piece, and she thought it might also be worth Big Bucks, but maybe not millions of dollars, like an original painting by Chagall.  So Mom looked on the internet for a while, and she found a cruet like hers on eBay, but the one on eBay didn't have its little top anymore.  The seller on eBay wanted $16.99 for that cruet, so Mom thought hers must be worth at least $20, since it had all its parts.  And that would make it worth more than the Chagall painting, which is probably a fake, even though I wish it were real.

Okay, so that's enough about Valuable Treasures, except I will tell you that yesterday Jacen lost his "family jewels."  Mom took him over to the Humane Society with her, and Dr. Regan did the surgery, which only took like 3 minutes, and then Mom brought Jacen back home with her after she finished playing with dogs.

Mom thought Jacen would be kind of tired and would want to rest, but no!  He was totally crazy and full of energy, and after Mom put him in his crate, he kept climbing up the sides of it and then jumping back down, and he spilled his water dish three different times, which made a big mess for Mom to clean up.  Finally, she let him out to run around a bunch, which was what he wanted to do.  He doesn't seem to be sore or anything.  I asked him if his surgery hurt, and he said, "What surgery?"

Oh, and guess what!  Now Jacen is all the time trying to play with Chloe and Charlie.  He jumps on their shoulders and grabs the back of their necks with his teeth.  This is exactly like what the lions do to the antelopes in those nature shows Mom is always watching, so I guess it is a cat thing.  Anyway, sometimes Chloe and Charlie will actually play with Jacen a little bit now before they start growling at him.  This makes Jacen very happy, and it makes Mom laugh.  And that's all the latest news for the moment.


  1. HI Piper, Di writing today. Since Dodi got to write the other day and my mom is being lazy this morning, "I" decided to be today's writer. So...this is what I think, and I hope you agree. I think your mom should take all the great stuff you wrote about today and go on the "Antique Roadshow." I bet you or your mom could make millions! My mom watches it sometimes, but she's always making derogatory comments like, "give me a break...that thing looks like it's worth a $1.00" or "yeah, right...I really believe that's worth alot." The truth is my mom knows NOTHING about antiques!! Anyway, I think your mom would get lots of money! On another subject, I think Jacen & Dodi are very much alike! When Dodi & I had our surgery - mom picked us up, I wanted to do nothing but rest, but goofy Dodi didn't even know he'd been FIXED! Ugh...he really gets on my nerves.
    Have a good day. Love, Di

  2. Ooh you should definitely make a video that sounds cute. Since the surgery was pretty fast it probably wasn't a whole lot to be done so he didn't know!

  3. Oh by cute I mean playing with chloe and charlie not the surgery! OUCH!

  4. Dear Di,
    We love watching "Antiques Roadshow," and maybe someday Mom can go on there and show something that is worth tons of money. I think you and I are very smart to rest up after our special female surgery. The boys are just being silly because it's not a big deal when they lose their little "parts"! LOL
    Love, Piper

  5. Dear Lucky,
    Mom doesn't have any cameras that make videos, so I guess we can't make one of Chloe and Jacen playing. Maybe Mom can take a regular picture of them sometime, though. Cats are really funny to watch when they are playing. They are not clever and smart, like dogs.

  6. Hi Piper,

    The Chagall is 99% a fake. Nearly all Chagall's are in museum's or private collector's collections (where they paid a pretty penny), but you may want to take it to someone who definitely authenticate it. Stranger things have happened.

    I hope Jacen doesn't tear out his stitches by running around like that! Zena just slept, as per usual, when we got her (she was spayed three days before we got her.) Then your momma will have to deal with a kitty in pain AND blood all over her carpet and/or furniture! I think he needs one of Zena's thunderstorm pills!


  7. Dear Katie,
    My Mom says that, sadly, she thinks the Chagall painting is 100% a fake, or a "copy," which is a nicer way to put it. So I guess we will not get rich by selling it. But as long as Mom can afford to buy us dog food, that is the important thing.

    Jacen doesn't have any stitches at all. He is such a little guy that he just has two tiny incisions where his little balls were pushed out and cut off. Mom says they tied the blood vessels inside, but that thread will just dissolve. Mom keeps checking to make sure the incisions are okay, but they look fine. I guess when it comes to surgery like that, it's better to be a boy, but I'm still glad I'm a girl!

  8. Piper,

    Yes, I'd be happy I'm a girl too. I could whine for some ice cream and magazines! Boys are told to suck it up and move on! ;)


    P.S. I think Jacen looks scary in that last photo. Kinda zombie-ish.

  9. Hahaha! The reason Jacen looks like that in the photo is because Mom was trying to fix his eyes so they didn't have that weird silver look from the camera flash, but I guess she just made them look worse!