Friday, October 14, 2011


At our house, we all like to sleep.  Even Mom likes to sleep.  Every night we sleep all night long, unless there is a thunderstorm that wakes some of us up because we are scared.  Mom mostly stays awake all day, which we dogs and cats know is a silly thing to do because she could be sleeping, like we are.  But some days Mom takes a nap, and she asks us if we want to help her do this, which we always do.  Well, except for Jacen, who sometimes wants to play instead of sleep.

It turns out that a lot of different animals like to sleep either more time or less time than dogs and cats do.  I found this really interesting list of how many hours of sleep various animals need every day, and I hope you will like reading it.

Brown Bat -- 19.9 hours

Giant Armadillo -- 18.1 hours

Python -- 18 hours

Possum -- 18 hours

Owl Monkey -- 17 hours

Human Infant -- 16 hours

Tiger --15.8 hours

Tree Shrew -- 15.8 hours
Squirrel -- 14.9 hours

Western Toad -- 14.6

Ferret -- 14.5 hours

Three-toed Sloth -- 14.4 hours

Golden Hamster -- 14.3 hours

Lion -- 13.5 hours

Gerbil -- 13.1 hours

Rat -- 12.6 hours

Cat -- 12.1 hours

Cheetah -- 12.1 hours

Mouse -- 12.1 hours

Rabbit -- 11.4 hours

Jaguar -- 10.8 hours

Duck -- 10.8 hours

Dog -- 10.6 hours
Bottle-nosed Dolphin -- 10.4 hours

Baboon -- 10.3 hours

Chimpanzee -- 9.7 hours

Guinea Pig -- 9.4 hours

Adult Human -- 8 hours

Pig -- 7.8 hours

Guppy Fish -- 7 hours

Gray Seal -- 6.2 hours

Elderly Human -- 5.5 hours

Goat -- 5.3 hours
Cow -- 3.9 hours

Asiatic Elephant -- 3.9 hours

Sheep -- 3.8 hours
African Elephant -- 3.3 hours

Donkey -- 3.1 hours

Horse -- 2.9 hours

Giraffe -- 1.9 hours

Personally, I think that giraffes don't sleep much because they probably get a crick in their necks when they do.  At least I don't think that I would want to sleep in such a weird position!


  1. Geeeeee...I've been waiting and waiting to reply to this blog, but my mom has been soooo slow about getting online. Then, she let's miss perfect Di make a comment on yesterday's blog instead of me posting a comment on an even earlier blog. Sorry...I just had to vent. I really really liked this topic because I just DON'T understand sleep. I would like to never sleep because I like to be active all the time. My mom and Di like to boring is that?? The photos of the elephant and the giraffe are interesting, they don't look very comfortable but i guess they are. Thanks for the blog. Love, Dodi

  2. Dear Dodi,
    You need to understand sleep because it is really nice to do, and it's good for you, as well. Even my crazy foster brother Jacen likes to sleep sometimes. Last night he was snuggled up with me on the sofa while Mom was watching silly TV shows such as Desperate Housewives. At night Jacen sleeps on top of Mom in her bed. But sometimes he gets up and runs around like crazy before he goes back to sleep. Anyway, I really like sleeping, and you should, too. That's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it!
    Love, Piper