Saturday, November 12, 2011


Hooray!  It's my very special day, so I'm expecting a whole bunch of extra attention and pampering!

I couldn't think of any birthday-related topics to write about, so I guess maybe I will just write about ME!  You are probably wondering how I am doing with my Cushing's Disease, and I will tell you:  I'm doing fine!  On Tuesday I had to get another blood test, so that meant I stayed at Dr. Griswald's office most of the day, and I didn't get any breakfast before I went there, so it was not a fun time.

Anyway, what we found out from the blood test was that my cortisol levels are getting higher again, but right now I'm still in the Addisonian range, instead of being Cushingoid like I was before.  Don't you like that word, Cushingoid?  I think it looks really funny and sounds even funnier.  So for now I have to keep taking my little dose of prednisone every day, and Mom is supposed to watch for any symptoms like I had before from the Cushing's.  Which would be things like my hair getting thin, and not being able to jump on the bed, and wanting to drink water all the time.  And when Mom sees anything like this, she is supposed to let Dr. Griswald know right away, so I can start to take those really expensive pills again.  But this time I will just take them in small doses to keep me "normal."

At least I think that's how it's all supposed to happen, but it's complicated, so I will just let Mom worry about it.

Okay, let's see.  What else can I tell you?  I guess I can say that a whole bunch of leaves fell off the trees, and now Mom has to rake them up.  She started doing this yesterday, and she already has five bags full, but that is only the beginning.  By the time Mom gets rid of all the leaves, she usually has filled up 40 bags or so.  I like the leaves, and I especially like peeing in them.  Also I like to lie in the sun on a nice fall day, which we have had several of lately.

Nicky also likes to lie out in the sun in the yard.  But sometimes he decides to dig holes instead of just lying in the sun.  Of course, Mom doesn't like this very much.  I think she is just lucky that the rest of us dogs don't do much digging.  All we do is chew up dog beds and swallow the pieces!

Well, that's about all I have to say today, which I know will surprise you.  But in honor of my birthday, I will share a couple of nice quotes, and here they are:

Folks will know how large your soul is by the way you treat a dog.  
--Charles F. Duran

If your dog doesn't like someone, you probably shouldn't either.   


  1. Happy Birthday, Piper! Are are all so glad that you are doing much better now. Dannii has to take prednisone too. He gets 1.5 tablets a day, his vet wants to keep him on a higher dose for right now. Mom also give him a Samme to help protect his liver.

    We hope you gets lots of attention and some very good things to eat.

    Your friends

  2. Dear 3 Amigos,
    Prednisone is good stuff, except it makes you feel thirsty and hungry a lot. I only have to take 1/4 of a tablet every day. Mom thinks it's hard to split the pills that small, but she does it because she loves me. I hope Dannii is feeling better.
    Your friend, Piper

  3. Happy birthday, Piper! Let's hope your mommy let's you jump in the leaves before she rakes them up!

    Zena is a little over a year younger than you (I thought you two would be around the same age.) Zena will be 8 January 5!

  4. Mom didn't rake any leaves today, so they were all still there for me to jump in and pee in. Mostly I just took some nice, long naps to celebrate my birthday! Zena could be sort of like my little doggy sister. All my canine siblings are boys, so that's no fun at all. Hahahaha!


  5. Dear PIper,
    I am so sorry this is late but my computer needed to be updated for months so google wasn't working and it wasn't safe for some reason. I think you have lots of fur now...
    HAPPY late-ish BIRTHDAY
    Lucky and Tas

  6. Thanks for the late-ish birthday wishes! I like to get birthday wishes anytime, even if it's not my birthday! LOL Those photos are old ones, but I do have plenty of fur now, not like last summer when I was practically bald!

    Your friend, Piper