Monday, November 7, 2011


Here's the latest news about all of us kittens.  First of all, Mom keeps trying to get rid of me, but I'm not sure why.  For the last two Saturdays, she has taken me to someplace called PetsMart and I had to sit there in a little cage all day.  Lots of people came by and looked at me, but I didn't know who these people were, and I just wanted to go back home.  Finally Mom came and took me home, and then life was happy again!

Hazel and Hallie playing
My three little kitten foster siblings are lots of fun to play with.  A couple of times, Mom let me go in a room with them, and we played a whole bunch.  They can run really fast, even if they are still little and have short legs.  I liked playing with them.  What I liked to do most was hide behind a chair or a plant, and then I suddenly ran out and jumped on one of the kittens.  Except sometimes I just jumped up in the air and didn't even touch the kitten, and then I ran the rest of the way across the room.  This is a really fun game to play, and everyone should play it sometime.

Hallie and I played so fast that it made
the picture blurry!

Mom took pictures of me and the kittens playing, so that's what I'm going to mostly show you.  We are very cute in the pictures because kittens are always cute.  We can't help being cute.  We were just born that way!

Well, after I played with the kittens for a couple of days, Mom saw that they were making diarrhea in their litter box, so on Friday she took them to see Dr. Regan at the shelter.  Dr. Regan said the kittens needed fluids, so she stuck a needle under their skin and squirted stuff in there.  Hallie told me that this hurt a lot and she had some nasty things to say to Dr. Regan about it!

Hamlet acting like a spooky Halloween cat
The kittens also have to have some pink medicine stuff that Mom squirts in their mouths two times a day.  This is to make them feel all better and not have diarrhea.  And until they get well, I'm not allowed to play with them anymore because Mom doesn't want me to get sick.  So now I have to go back to playing with Charlie until I can start playing with the kittens again.

When the kittens are bigger, Mom will try to get rid of them, too, just like she is doing with me.  But first they have to weigh 2 pounds so that they can have some special surgery, like I already had.  So far, the kittens only weigh about 11 or 12 ounces, so they are way too little for Mom to get rid of.  This means they are safe for now, and I can still play with them!

Me watching Hamlet and Hallie play



  1. Hi Jacen - WOW you are sooo lucky, I wish I had all the fun you are having with the foster kittens! I like to play too, but sometimes Di just wants to sit and think! She is so reserved that I find her boring a lot of the time. I know you must hate going to those places on Saturdays and have people come by and stare at you!! I bet your mom is doing this so you can have a very nice forever place to live. I wish my mom would just drive over to your place and get you, but my mom is acting kind of goofy lately because her mom requires alot of attention. Humans are so weird sometimes. Anyway, after the kittens get well I hope you get to have lots of play time with them.
    Love, Dodi

  2. Dear Dodi,
    I wish you could come over and play with me and the foster kittens. Or else I wish I could go live at your house! I am trying to spend more time sitting in Mom's lap, purring, so that she will see what a nice kitty I am and will not try to find me another home. The kittens are getting much better already. They eat all the time, and now they have very fat tummies! Also they make nicer poop now.
    Love, Jacen