Friday, December 30, 2011


This is a terrible, but totally true story about something that happened in September in Indonesia.  And what happened was that a 50-year-old man named Andre Lumboga went out of town to celebrate a festival.  He was gone for 14 days, and he did not leave any food or water for his 9 dogs.  I cannot believe anybody would do such a thing, but this seems to be what Mr. Lumboga did.

Of course, the dogs got really, really hungry because of not having any food, so after a while, they killed the two weakest dogs and ate them.  And then when Mr. Lumboga got home, they jumped on him and tore him apart and ate him, too.  I'm thinking he might have been surprised by this and also sorry that he did not arrange to have his dogs fed while he was gone.  It kind of makes you wonder what the heck he was thinking, or if he was thinking at all.

At first, nobody knew that Mr. Lumboga had been eaten by his dogs, but then a neighborhood guard noticed that Mr. Lumboga's suitcases were sitting out in front of his house, all lined up, as if he had just arrived home.  And after five days of seeing the suitcases sitting there in the same way, the guard went up to the house, and he smelled something yucky, so he called the police.

By the time the police found out about the situation, the dogs were hungry again because they had had several days to digest Mr. Lumboga.  So the dogs tried to eat the policemen, too, and the policemen had to "paralyze" them.  I hope this was just a temporary thing, but I don't know if it was or not.  Anyway, the police found Mr. Lumboga's skull in the kitchen, and the rest of his body was in the front of the house.  Not that there was a whole lot of the body left.

None of the reports I read explained what happened to the dogs afterwards.  I hope they didn't get killed, but I am afraid they might have.  It's probably better not to know these things.  Anyway, I think Mr. Lumboga got what was coming to him since he left the dogs without any food or water.

The part of Indonesia where Mr. Lumboga and his dogs lived is called Sulawesi Island.  The pictures I found of this island show lots of nice mountains and beautiful beaches.  Also there are some very interesting native houses that look really different from American houses.  Pictures like these made me think that Sulawesi Island might be a good place to visit.  But I also saw pictures of people killing hogs and bulls for wedding feasts and other special occasions.  And I learned that in Sulawesi Island, it is very common to eat dogs, bats, and forest rats.

So now I'm thinking that it would be best for all dogs to stay as far away from Sulawesi Island as possible.  At least that's what I plan to do!


  1. Dear Piper,
    It's very scary that the dogs ate mr.complicatedname but since humans eat dogs there I guess they got a taste of their own medicine. But of course they don't taste as good as animals though I don't want anybody to test that.
    Lucky, your bunny friend ♥