Thursday, December 1, 2011


Okay, it's time to laugh at some of the names parents come up with for their babies!  Of course, sometimes girls start out with an okay name, and then they marry somebody whose last name doesn't go very well with their first name.  So then I guess it's their own fault for marrying that guy or at least for taking his name.  Unless they just like having a funny name, which maybe they do.

Anyway, here are some names with a "bird" theme:

Berry Bird

Bomber Finch

Melody Sparrow

Robin Pigeon

And some other names that have to do with nature:

Summer Butters

Brooke Frost

Cricket Ann Hill

Holli Blum

Sandy Fields

Names with "Harry" can sometimes turn out funny:

Harry Hercules

Harry Clay

Harry Wall

And so can names with "Earnest":

Earnest Lee

Earnest Eager

Ernest Neighbor

Some names are colorful:

Rosie Pinkley

Rose Gray

Ruby Green

Ruby Curry

Ruby Friend

Ruby Stone

Jane White Brown

Pearlie May Warrior

Some are angelic:

Angel Blue

Angel Geronimo Agpoon

And there are names that repeat themselves:

Lea Lee

Kelly Kelly

Adele Adell

Sharon Sharon

There are valentines:

Rocky Valentine

William Lucky Valentine

And my favorite kind of names, which are the ones that just plain sound funny:

Muzzy Goad
Let's hope this beam was not only
trued up, but also firmly attached!

Blythe Boney

Betty Bonk

Cari Mohr

Steel Trued