Monday, December 19, 2011


A long time ago, I wrote about some of the TV shows I like the most.  I still watch some of those shows, but other ones aren't on the air anymore.  We don't know if they got totally cancelled or if they are just taking a long vacation.  If they got cancelled, this is very sad, because I really liked watching Dogtown and also Dr. G: Medical Examiner.  But we haven't seen them for a long time, so we think maybe these shows aren't being made anymore.

Luckily, there are some new shows to watch instead of those old ones, so that makes me happy.  Anyway, here's a list of some of my favorite shows now.

1.  Bones
This show was on my list before, and I still like it because it has lots of bones in it.  The only thing that would be better than seeing all those bones on TV would be chewing on them personally.  At the end of the last season of Bones, Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth finally admitted that they were in love with each other.  It only took them like 14 seasons to figure this out, and then when they did, they got in bed together and made a baby.  The baby hasn't been born yet, but she will be born sometime this season, probably in the middle of some exciting and scary story line.  So we are waiting to see how it happens.

2.  Hoarders
     and Hoarding: Buried Alive
Hoarders was on my list before, but now there is also a second show about hoarding.  Mom and I are still watching these shows out of morbid fascination, because we can hardly believe that people live like that, except we know it is true.  These people are really sick, and they need lots of counseling and "after care" to keep from filling their houses up with stuff all over again.  It is a very sad situation, and it makes a lot of people get mad at each other because they think their mother or father or whoever loves their stuff more than they love their family.  Which, sadly, is sometimes true.

3.  Confessions:  Animal Hoarding
This show is even more horrible to watch than the regular hoarding shows, because it is animals that are being hoarded.  Usually it's dogs or cats that people hoard, but sometimes it's birds or rats or rabbits or snakes or horses.  What mostly happens is that the people start out keeping a few pets or rescuing a few animals, and then things get out of control.  And pretty soon the people can't afford to get medical care for their animals or even to feed them properly, and lots of times there are dead animals in the house that the people don't even know about.  Plus it smells really icky because of all the pee and poop.  Actually, I think it might be interesting to smell so much pee and poop, but Mom says it would not be healthy, especially if you had to breathe that stinky air for a long time.

Anyway, this show is not having any new episodes right now, so maybe the producers are out making some new ones.  We will have to see if it comes back later on.

4.  Pit Bulls and Parolees
We just started watching this show a few weeks ago, and we think it is pretty interesting.  It's about a woman named Tia Torres, and she has a pit bull rescue called Villalobos, which is located in California. The Torres family also consists of two daughters and twin sons.  All of the kids are at least teenagers, but it's hard to tell how old they are, exactly.  We don't know where Mr. Torres is.  We do know that he was in prison sometime in the past, and so Ms. Torres understands how hard it is for a person on parole to get a job.  Maybe Mr. Torres is back in prison, or maybe he died, or maybe he and Ms. Torres got a divorce.  Anyway, he's not on the TV show, but some of the parolees are.  Ms. Torres will hire them if they like dogs and are willing to work hard and be honest and stuff like that.

So what happens on this show is that Ms. Torres is always getting calls from somebody who wants her to come and rescue a pit bull.  In one episode, there was a dog chained out in a field in the sun without any water or food.  And in another episode, some people moved out of their house and left a pit bull and her puppies.  Then another time everybody was trying to catch a stray bulldog that was living in a 40-acre field.  And they finally did catch her, but it took like a week or something.

Meanwhile, people come to Villalobos to adopt pit bulls, and Ms. Torres tries to match them with the dog that's best for them.  So on this show there are lots of happy-ending stories.  At Villalobos, there are at least 150 dogs, and most of them need homes, so if you want to adopt a pit bull of your very own, you can go here to look at the available dogs.

5.  Fatal Attractions
This is another show that you might call morbidly fascinating.  It's about people who like to keep exotic pets.  And these are not just any exotic pets, these are animals that can hurt you really bad or even kill you.  Some examples of these animals are tigers, lions, chimpanzees, poisonous snakes, crocodiles, bulls,  and hyenas.

Usually, what happens is that people get these pets when they are little and cuddly, and the people believe that they have bonded with the animal, and that it will never turn on them.  But lots of times they are wrong.  So they end up with some horrible scars, or they lose an arm, or they get killed.  Or if they don't, then somebody else they know does.

But for some reason, these people are totally obsessed with these dangerous animals, and even if they almost die from an attack, some of them will keep tempting fate by having the animals around.

6.  Body of Proof
This show is sort of like Dr. G: Medical Examiner, except that Body of Proof is about fictional autopsies instead of real ones.  And also all the people who are getting the autopsies have been murdered.  The star of the show is Dr. Megan Hunt, who is played by Dana Delaney, who is very pretty and sexy.  Mom gets annoyed because Dr. Hunt always wears dressy clothes and high heels to crime scenes and also while she is doing autopsies.  Of course, she puts on a lab coat to protect her clothes, but Mom thinks that the shoes are not practical for walking around in the woods where some of the bodies are.  And also shoes like that would hurt your feet if you had to stand around in them for several hours while you were doing an autopsy.  But this is how you can tell that the show is not real, because Dr. G would never wear that kind of shoes while she was doing autopsies.

So anyway, those are some of my favorite shows right now.  Mom has some other shows that she also watches, but they don't have any animals or bones in them, so I usually fall asleep while they are on!


  1. Dear Piper,
    I love- LOVE bones and body of proof. Sometimes I get scared because of the violence in them- not really because I know its not real but tas gets supper scared enough to grab me- VERY TIGHLTY and it gets hard for me to get air.
    I also don't understand why it took SO long for Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth to figure out they love each other. It's also kind of weird because Dr Brennan seems so serious and says stuff so seriously that I have no idea what she is really saying and also that Agent booth is really relaxed and more friendly. I wonder how their baby will turn out!

    I also like Body of Proof, yes I guess she's pretty,(Dana Delaney) but of course we animals just pass the grids. It does annoy me that she wears heels in a middle of the crime scene but they are acting!
    Have you watched the episode where they had a LIVE body and it just got up and walked away? It's because the guy had hypothermia. I actually learned somthing new from the show a few days ago from that!


  2. Dear Lucky,
    Yes, I watched that show where the guy got up and walked away. That was really funny! And also scary! On Bones, it's true that Dr. Brennan talks really funny. She sounds like a textbook and like she doesn't have any emotions, but she really does, down inside. I think that actress must have trouble learning all those lines with the big scientific words in them!