Sunday, January 15, 2012


Well, guess what!  My little foster sister Hallie got adopted yesterday, except she hasn't gone to her new house yet, and she's still here with us.  Mom took her to PetSmart again, and there were fewer people there than last week, but one cat got adopted right away.

Some people came by, and they looked at Hallie and said she was cute, but everybody was mostly playing with a couple of black kittens.  They used Hallie's toy to play with the black kittens, which didn't seem fair, but that's the way it happened.

Then Aunt Tania got a phone call from a couple who were already going to adopt a black kitten named Maverick.  This kitten is at Aunt Tania's house, or some such place, so Mom has never met him.  And neither has Hallie.  Anyway, this couple wanted a second kitten so that the kittens could be buddies and play together and not get lonely.  So Aunt Tania told them that they might like Hallie, and it just so happened that they had already been looking at Hallie online.  Then Aunt Tania said that Hallie was at PetSmart, and they should come and meet her.  So they did.

Mom said that Hallie seemed to like these people, and she didn't squirm or growl or anything, like she did with some people who held her earlier.  Hallie just sat in the man's arms like it was where she belonged.  And then she sat in the woman's arms in the same way.  So the man and woman said "We like her."  And they signed the contract and paid a deposit, but they did not take Hallie home with them.

And the reason they didn't was because they are about to go on a trip to Nicaragua for a week or so, and they don't want to take their kittens home and then run off and leave them.  So that is why Hallie is staying with us until about the first of February, which is when she will go to her new home.

Mom took this photo of Hallie with her new mom and dad, but she took it with her cell phone, and she says that her cell phone takes bad pictures.  I think it is probably the fault of the photographer that the picture is bad, but Mom doesn't agree.  Anyway, she will use a real camera to take a picture when Hallie actually goes away.

And here's some other exciting kitty news:  tomorrow we will get two brand new foster kittens!  They are both boys, and they are Russian Blue kitties.  Yesterday they got neutered, but they are staying at the Humane Society until Mom goes there tomorrow.  We don't know if they already have names or if we will get to name them.  I think the kitten population may be sort of getting out of control here, but sadly, nobody pays any attention to what I think.

The reason we are getting these two new foster kittens is because there was a woman who had a bunch of cats, and then the cats had kittens, and so she ended up with 15 kittens.  Aunt Tania's group, Divapets Rescue, is taking the 15 kittens, and also helping the woman get her adult cats fixed.  So Mom is getting two of the kittens, but we don't know much about them yet, like I told you before.  Aunt Tania says that lots of people like to adopt Russian Blue kitties, so she thinks they will get adopted fast.  Anyway, they can already go to PetSmart next Saturday because they are now fixed, so that's good.

Aunt Tania brushing a big, furry cat named Johnnie

Of course, we still have Hamlet here, but he can't be adopted yet because he is still taking antibiotics to cure his urinary tract infection.  After he finishes the medicine, then he has to wait a week, and after that, he will get a urinalysis.  If his urine looks okay, he can get adopted.  But he might have crystals in his urine, or he might have been born with something wrong inside him, and in that case he will probably get put to sleep because the rescue group can't afford expensive surgery, and nobody will want to adopt a kitten who may always have urinary problems.  So we are hoping that the antibiotics will make him all better, and that he won't ever have any trouble again.


  1. Oh, I knew some special people would adopt hallie, she's a pretty kitty!

  2. Congrats to Hallie!! I'm sure she will love her new home and the travelers will LOVE her!! :) I think you and all your siblings should be commended for being such great foster siblings!! Oh now you're going to have TWO Russian Blues; Di's ears perked up to that but Dodi is feeling a bit insecure hearing that! Dodi is very dependent on Di....although he's not a well-behaved cat (lol) and the thought of sharing her attention is making her nervous. ANYWAY...I think it's great Hallie is adopted and that your mom is fostering two more kittens! :) By the way, did I miss one of your brother's birthday recently?
    Love, AP

  3. again; just checking to see if my profile picture has changed since making a new one for the 5th time. LOL!
    Love, AP

  4. Dear Aunt Patty,
    Our two new Russian Blue kittens came here yesterday, and their names are Boris and Gregor. They are very shy, especially Gregor, who likes to hiss a lot. Mom is going to get them out and let them play in the back room today, where we dogs won't be able to bother them. Also, she will try to take some pictures of them.

    My brother Mel has a birthday on this Thursday, the 19th. Is that the one you mean? If so, you haven't missed it yet.

    Love, Piper