Friday, January 6, 2012


Here's some news about all the latest stuff that has been keeping Mom busy.  Some of it has to do with dogs and cats, and some of it doesn't.  If you ask me, I think Mom should spend all her time doing stuff for dogs and cats, but she doesn't always agree, and it's hard to argue with Mom.

Right before Christmas, Mom went to an estate sale, which is one of the bad habits she has got into lately.  This estate sale lasted for 3 days, and Mom didn't get there until the 3rd day.  She was shocked to find that there were still a lot of items left there, even after people had been picking over them for 2 days already.  This probably means that the people who lived there were sort of like hoarders and they had a ton of belongings that needed to be sold.

Anyway, since it was the 3rd day of the sale, everything was 66% off, which Mom thought was a good deal.  So she bought a few things, including a dirty sort of pink rug that looked really pretty after she washed it, and now she is using it as a placemat to feed the cats on.  Also she got some other blankets and stuff, and she bought a little doggy figurine that was made in Japan.  This dog is totally goofy-looking because it has much bigger eyes than any real dog would ever have.  But Mom thought the dog was kind of cute, mainly because it had those great big eyes.  She didn't even notice until she got the dog home that it had a broken leg that had been glued back on.  But she only paid about 50 cents for the dog, so she didn't care if it had a broken leg.  And anyway, whoever glued the leg back on did a good job.

Last Thursday our little foster kitten Hazel got adopted.  A woman came to the house to meet her, and she played with all the kittens, but she was really only interested in Hazel.  So after a while, she took Hazel home with her.  On that same day, a man came over to fix some things that weren't working in our house, like the garage door opener.  Except that nothing was wrong with the opener.  The problem was really the circuit breaker or something like that.  Anyway, Barry and Mel had to go to daycare for the day because Mom didn't want them to bite anybody.

Hazel's new mom sent us a picture of Hazel sleeping with the family's weimaraner, Libby.  Hazel has a new name now, which is Jinx.  She seems to be happy living with the two dogs and the two humans there, so that's good.

Now we only have two kittens that need to get adopted, but Hamlet started having blood in his pee, and Mom had to take him to see Dr. Regan at the Humane Society.  Mom took Hallie there too, because Hallie had a sort of lump under her spay incision.  Dr. Regan put them both on antibiotics and told Mom that the kittens couldn't go to the adoption event on New Year's Eve.  But they are going to go to the one tomorrow, so we have our paws crossed, hoping that people will see how cute they are and will want to adopt them right away.

In the meantime, Hamlet and Hallie have learned how to get over the child gate and go into the big cats' room.  Which means that Mom is leaving them out of their crate more, because if they need to use the litter box, they can just use one that the big cats use.

And speaking of litter boxes, Mom bought a new one and filled it up with litter yesterday, so now the cats have 3 litter boxes.  Mom has been annoyed at Charlie because he kept peeing and pooping in the bathtub, so she is trying to make him happier by having lots of choices of litter boxes.

Also Mom went to Target the other day and bought a new bath mat because the old one had got peed on, plus it was old and ugly anyway.  And while she was there, she decided to buy a new shower curtain, too, because the one we had was old and ugly, just like the bath mat, and it had mildew and stuff on it, which might have come out if Mom had ever washed it, but she was too lazy to do that.

So yesterday Mom threw away the old bath mat and shower curtain, and she scrubbed out the tub, and she used Nature's Miracle to try to get rid of any pee or poop smell, and then she hung up the new shower curtain.  It is very colorful and bright, and it has elephants on it.  Mom said that if there had been a shower curtain with dogs on it, that's what she would have bought, but they only had elephants.  Well, besides boring vines and leaves and stripes and stuff like that.  But anyway, I just want to make it clear that having elephants on our shower curtain does NOT make us Republicans.  And that's all I'm going to say about politics because I don't want to get people mad at me!

Okay, so I think the only other thing I need to tell you about is a new art print that Mom bought Saturday.  She bought it at an antique shop that is pretty close to our house.  This print has a dog in it, so that makes it a very good picture to have on the wall.  It also has a bird and a boat.  We would like to know who painted this picture, but there is no signature that we can find on it.  Mom saw two other prints by the same artist in the shop, and one of the other ones also had a dog, but Mom only bought one print because she was trying not to spend too much money.  I think this is a good plan because the more money Mom saves, the more she can spend on dog treats!


  1. Hi Piper-

    good to know about things going on in your life. We think that Japanese dog is kind of odd. It looks like he has cat eyes because the pupils are not shaped like dog eyeballs. But we do like the new elephant shower curtain a lot! We like elephants in this house, especially my mom even though she is not a republican either. My mom was especially moved by these elephants:

    You'll be sad to know I had to work over the last weekend even though it was a holiday. Mom said I was naughty, but she should not make me work over the holiday! She has now informed me that I have to work this weekend. She better have some really good treats, that's all I got to say about that.

    --Zest, superstar in training

  2. Gee, Zest, that is a very nice video about the elephants. If we had a really big back yard, maybe we could have a couple of elephants here, but our yard is too small. Also, they might step on me, and that would not be good.

    I'm very sorry you had to work on a holiday weekend and that you will have to work again next weekend. I hope you get paid double on a holiday. I think that's the way it's supposed to work, right?

    Your friend, Piper

  3. Oh no, elephants are very nice to dogs:

    be sure to watch some of the videos.
    Mom would like to have an elephant, but we'd have to have a much bigger house since the elephant would have to be inside when it gets really cold.

    and yes, mom *should* pay me double, but sometimes she doesn't know all the rules.


  4. I think I have seen this story before about the dog and the elephant who were really good friends, but it was a different video that had somebody talking on it. Anyway, I didn't know that Bella the dog died, which is very sad.

    They ought to make miniature elephants so that people could keep them in their houses. Maybe nobody has thought of that, but it seems like a good idea to me. If they can make miniature horses and miniature schnauzers, why not miniature elephants?

    Your friend, Piper

  5. I've been trying to get the kittens adopted by my daughter, Nikki. At the risk of sounding partial, she is a very good mom to her cat, Georgie, and every other pet she's had. Personally, which is really none of my business, she is soooo CLOSE to Georgie and he is around 9 years old - that I want her to have another pet to maybe take just a tiny bit of attention away from Georgie. I have no idea if that made any sense. The problem is my daughter has a roommate who wants a dog...and they agreed some time ago no more pets and if there would be one added, the roommate could get a dog. see my dilemna here? I just keep dropping hints of your foster kittens whenever I'm around Nik and her roommate. I especially drop hints to Nik's roommate when Nikki isn't around about, "how concerned I am about Nik when something happens to Georgie." These hints do make a big impression on the roommate. Well...I think I just wrote a blog of my own...sorry about that. OK, going to sign off now...something is wrong with my laptop because it keeps freezing up on me.
    Love, AP

  6. Okay, well, I guess I am a little prejudiced here, but I think it would be great if Nikki and her roommate adopted a dog! But if you can talk them into adopting a kitten, Hallie or Hamlet would be a good choice, too. There are lots of dogs and kitties who need homes, though, so if they want to adopt one, I'm sure they can find a good one. But thanks for trying to find a home for our kittens. Hallie is going to PetSmart again on Saturday, but Hamlet can't go yet because he is still taking antibiotics.
    Love, Piper


    1. I think you're doing pretty well. Maybe you should start a blog, too!