Monday, February 6, 2012


Mom spent all evening hogging the computer last night, and that means I couldn't get my blog entry written.  I was so annoyed that I just had to go take a nap.  Some people were busy watching the Super Bowl last night, but we don't do that at our house because we don't like football.

Anyway, the latest news is that our little blue boy, Boris, went to his new home on Saturday.  He got adopted by a very nice family from Ft. Riley, Kansas, where there is an Army base.  So now Boris will be an Army Cat, and he will have two little boys to play with him.  Gregor got adopted a couple of weeks ago, but maybe I already told you that.

Hamlet went to PetSmart with Mom on Saturday, and he sat around looking shy and scared all day, or at least that's what Mom said.  People didn't hardly even look at him because he is a black kitty, and also because he was not showing off his lovely personality.  So Mom left him out there in a cage because Aunt Tania said that would be a good idea, and he will have to stay there for two or three weeks.  Then if he doesn't get adopted, Mom can bring him home again for a while.  We are trying not to think about our poor little Hamlet sitting out there, all lonely in a cage.

So we don't have any kittens at our house right now, except for Jason, which seems strange.  Jason misses having other kittens to play with, so he has started getting into more mischief again.  And Mom found out that some of the naughty things that she thought were being done by Hallie were really maybe done by Jason.  Oh, and did I mention that Hallie went to her new home a week ago today?

So getting back to Mom's hogging of the computer, the reason she was doing it was because she had to write a paper about the Underground Railroad in Kansas.  I thought maybe the Underground Railroad was like a subway or something, but it turns out to be a way of hiding escaped slaves and helping them get to a place where they won't have to be slaves anymore.  There was a lot of this going on right before the Civil War.

Anyway, one of the conventions that Mom is helping plan is about a lot of historical stuff, and there will be a booklet full of articles about different topics, and Mom said she would write about the Underground Railroad.  So maybe, since she already did all that nice research, I will tell you all about the subject in another blog entry, even though it doesn't have much to do with dogs, except when bloodhounds got used to help track down slaves that ran away.

Well, that's all of my update except for one more thing, which is that today is the 60th anniversary of when Queen Elizabeth II first got to be the queen.  I'm just hoping that she will give her corgis some extra-yummy treats so that they can help her celebrate!


  1. Dear Piper,
    You have a lot on your mind which is why there was so much to read about today and I guess that's why you couldn't read my blogposts! You're my only loyal fan so I always look forward to your comments but I understand that your mom has to write that thing on subway railroads! And I hope hamlet gets adopted soon it is very sad to be lonely!
    Your friend Lucky or Fluffy or whatever you want to call me

  2. I think in order to get more pets adopted, you should have pics like these:

    that way people would see how nicely matched a kitten and bunny are and they'd adopt 2. Kind of like getting a salt AND pepper shaker, which is mostly how people by those things.

    Your friend,
    Zest!, superstar in training and thinker of great ideas

  3. Awwww! What a sweet picture of the kitten and bunny! Maybe we should also have one of a puppy and bunny so that everyone can see that puppies don't eat bunnies (although a grown-up dog might)!

    Your friend, Piper

  4. actually there are pics of puppies and bunnies if you scroll down


  5. LOVE the kitten picture; soooo cute. Reminds me of Di when she was a baby!!
    Love, AP