Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It's time to tell you once again about some more of the poor, homeless dogs at the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City, because maybe some of my kind-hearted readers would like to adopt them.  And if you don't live in the Kansas City area, then you can go to a shelter near you, or else to a rescue group to find a dog to adopt.  But whatever you do, don't buy a puppy from a pet store!  Because if you do, you will be supporting the bad, evil, horrible puppymill industry, and I'm sure you don't want to do that!

Okay, so this first dog is Opal.  She's a fox terrier who is 8 years old and very sweet.  Mom loves Opal and wishes she could adopt her.  And the reason Mom feels this way is because Opal reminds Mom of her first dog, who was a Lakeland terrier named Cappy.  But of course, we can't adopt Opal because we already have our Legal Limit of Dogs.  Opal has some mysterious health problems because she has an enlarged liver and spleen, but she doesn't have any tumors growing on these organs.  If she doesn't start feeling better soon, she will have an ultrasound to try to figure out what is going on for sure.  Opal is a little overweight, so Mom finds it hard to believe she only weighs 15 pounds, like the website says.  Anyway, Opal is a total sweetie and loves to be petted and to go for walks.

Here's a dog named Pepper, and she is 3 years old.  She's a dachshund/terrier mix who weighs 14 pounds.  Pepper is a really cute, energetic dog, and she gets along well with other dogs.  She is a little bit shy with strangers, but once she knows someone, she is very friendly.  Pepper was a stray, and that's how she ended up at the Humane Society.  She needs to go to a home where there are no young children because she has a longish back, and we don't want her to get accidentally hurt while kids are playing with her.

Taffy is one year old, and she is a friendly, playful lab mix.  She likes toys, and she gets along fine with other dogs.  She might still grow and fill out a little bit, so she will probably be 50 or 55 pounds.

A puggle is a cross between a beagle and a pug, and that's what Maybelline is.  She is one year old, and she really likes to cuddle and get petted a lot.  Sadly, Maybelline got hit by a car, which caused her to have a broken pelvis and a bunch of nerve damage in one hind leg.  The leg could not be saved, so it was amputated, but now Maybelline is all healed up, and she gets around just fine.  Sometimes Maybelline is nervous around new people, but she is okay with most dogs.  She needs a home that is quiet and where there are no kids.

Here is Maddie, and she is a corgi mix.  She is 2 years old, and she weighs 21 pounds.  Maddie likes to sit in people's laps, and she is a good cuddler.  And besides liking people, she also likes other dogs.

Bunny has had a rough time of it so far during her short little 8-month life.  She was neglected in her first home, so Animal Control took her away from there.  Besides being malnourished, she also had parvo and pneumonia.  But now she is finally all well again.  She walks around on really flat feet because of the malnourishment, and maybe also because she was kept in a cage all the time.  Bunny is very sweet, but she is a little timid with people she doesn't know.  She is fine with other dogs.  When she is full grown, she will probably weigh 50 pounds, but she might end up weighing less than that.

So those are some of the nice dogs that need homes right now.  I hope someone will adopt them very soon because it's no fun being homeless, as I have said several times before!


  1. I wish my family lived where you do; they look and sound like very nice doggies! Sadly, we live in Michigan... and I haven't seen these cuties on Petfinder anywhere near us. :( I hope they find good homes!!

    1. I know that these dogs will all find homes eventually, but it might take a little while. Luckily, the Humane Society where they are is a no-kill shelter, so the dogs are safe there until they get adopted. I'm sure there must be some cute dogs in Michigan who need homes, too. There are homeless dogs all over the place, sadly enough.

  2. I hope each and every dog posted today is adopted into a very nice loving family!! It would be difficult to choose which one to adopt, but my heart kind of went to Maybelline! :)
    Love, AP