Saturday, February 11, 2012


Back in October, there was a big news story in the UK about two Great Danes named Lily and Maddison. These two dogs were given up by their owners because they couldn't care for them.  But these were not just any Great Danes.  They were special for the reason that Lily was blind, and Maddison was Lily's guide dog.

The reason Lily was blind was because she had entropion when she was a puppy, which is a condition I told you about in a previous blog entry.  Lily's entropion was so very bad that her eyelashes grew into her eyes, and she had to have her eyes removed.  So Lily learned to follow Maddison around everywhere, and they were the best of buddies, and they never wanted to be apart.

But, like I said, the people who owned these two dogs couldn't keep them anymore, and last July they brought them to the Dog Trust Shrewsbury, which is in Shropshire, England.  Lily was five years old, and Maddison was six.  The people at the adoption shelter started trying to find homes for the two dogs, but nobody wanted to adopt two gigantic dogs together.

Then in October, the story was in all the news, and everybody saw it, and suddenly there were hundreds of phone calls from people who wanted to adopt the two dogs.  The couple who got chosen to adopt the two dogs were from Cheshire, and they converted their garage into a big dog house just for the two girls.  So the Great Danes went there to live, and everybody thought they would live happily ever after.

Except that things didn't work out that way.  Because what happened was that not long after the dogs moved to their new home, Lily started attacking Maddison.  Probably this was because she was feeling really stressed.  Their humans tried several times to get the girls to accept each other again, but they just couldn't get along anymore.

So Lily went back to the shelter, and in December, not long before Christmas, she got adopted.  It took a little while for her to get used to her new home, since she is blind, but by New Year's, she had settled in very nicely.  Her family said she enjoyed going for walks, and she liked to play with her toys.

And that is the end of the story, at least as far as I can tell, because the shelter said they would not do any more updates.  Which means that there really was a happy ending, but it wasn't the one people were expecting. And sometimes that's how things happen in life!


  1. Piper - what an interesting story, thanks for the blog. You are correct, sometimes there can be a happy ending, though NOT the one we expect...that happens in the movies sometimes too.
    Love, AP

  2. ha...I just noticed my comment above states it was posted at 5:52am...almost 2 hours before your blog was posted. Actually it's 7:52am!! Maybe my computer's clock is off...just a bit. :)

    1. Dear Aunt Patty,
      Maybe the battery inside your computer that keeps the clock going is starting to run down. That happened to Mom one time, and her computer didn't even know what year it was anymore, kind of like it had Alzheimer's or something!

      Anyway, I'm glad you liked my blog story today. I think that the wrong happy ending is still much better than no happy ending at all, don't you? LOL

      Love, Piper

  3. Poor Lily! At least, she found a new and happy home! It's so sad looking at the photos though. I expect to see two eyes, and there are just her eyelids! It's odd, sad and inspiring at the same time.

  4. Wow, thanks for posting this story! What a surprise ending, but glad to see that it all worked out! I hope that both Lily and Maddison continue to do well in their new homes!

  5. I loved this story. I found it really incredible!! I'm so happy they found a loving home together :)

  6. Thank you so very much for this update. Even as I type this comment, I am still crying both at the sadness of such a strong bond breaking and at the happiness that these two are each getting that they so desperately needed. I have looked for updates recently and finally found yours and one other. I will keep praying that these two wonderful ladies continue to be happy in their new homes until the day they depart this earth. Again, thank you!! :)

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