Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I got hold of a couple more pictures from the Snake Parade, and I'm going to show them to you because I think there are some people who read my other entry about the parade and didn't understand what the giant dachshund really looked like.  Which is not their fault, since Mom couldn't take any very good pictures of it while being inside of it.  So here's a picture of the whole thing put together and walking along in the parade.

This is an especially good picture because you can clearly see Mom's feet, which are the 3rd pair of feet under the dog.

And here's a photo of the birthday cake, and of the cat coming out of the top of the cake.

But that's enough about the parade.  Now I will show you a photo of Mel sleeping in a funny way that he likes to sleep in sometimes.  We don't know why he sleeps with his leg up over his neck.  It makes him look like he has a neck ache, but he probably doesn't.  He's probably just being his usual weird self.  Mel has done this every once in a while for years, but Mom never had her camera around when he was doing it -- until now!

In other news, Jason is feeling lots better.  He has been eating all his food and has been jumping up on things with no problem.   He plays with the kittens sometimes, but mostly they just play with each other.

But speaking of the kittens, on Sunday Mom noticed that Janey's nipples were kind of swollen and felt like they had lumps under them.  And a couple of Jilly's nipples were the same way.  At first Mom thought maybe Janey and Jilly had breast cancer, but it seemed strange that they would get it at such a young age and in several nipples at once.

Janey and Jilly

After that, Mom thought that maybe they were starting to be in heat, but they are not acting all crazy and yowly like cats do when they are in heat.  Later on, Mom talked to Aunt Tania and told her about the girls' nipples.  Aunt Tania said maybe the kitties were either coming into season or were already pregnant!


We were shocked to think that these little floozies might already be knocked up, but it is possible, since they are 6 or 7 months old, and cats usually get started early in life, when it comes to having kittens.  Janey and Jilly also have fat bellies, which might have kittens inside them.  But Jeeves also has a fat belly, and we know that he does not have any kittens inside him!


Anyway, yesterday when Mom went to the shelter, she talked to Aunt Lorna and to Dr. Beth, and they said the kittens need to get spayed right away, before then even finish the last of their antibiotics, which won't be until March 27.  So Mom made an appointment for them to get spayed on Wednesday.  It will be interesting to see if they really have kittens inside them or not.  Because Mom could be totally wrong in her diagnosis.  But even if she's right, we don't think these kittens would be very healthy because Jilly and Janey have been taking lots of medicine ever since they came here, and that might have hurt the kittens.  Which means they might end up being like our poor little Carson, who was blind and could only walk around in circles.  And we don't want that because it would be too sad.

Okay, well, that's all the newsy stuff I can think of right now, so I'm going to quit writing.


  1. Piper,
    That sounds like quite a big deal. What will you do if they are pregnant kitties? That would be ALOT of cats running around...
    My dad and I enjoyed the picture at the bottom. Very funny. :D

    1. Dear Squirrel,
      Now we are thinking that the kitties are just in heat and not pregnant. We think that because Janey was acting all weird this morning, rolling around on the floor and sticking her butt up. It's really kind of embarrassing to watch, but I guess she can't help it! Anyway, they are both getting spayed tomorrow, and even if they are pregnant, they will still get spayed -- unless they are just about to have kittens, and then we will wait and let them have the kittens. But you are right, that would make a lot of kittens running around here!

      I'm glad you liked that Crazy Cat Lady photo. I think it's funny, too!


  2. So...what's the diagnosis? I mean about the kitties maybe being pregnant? I apologize being a day late in reading the blog...been an odd few days.

    I LOVE the Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit!! FUUUNNNY!!

    Love, AP

    1. They were in heat, but they were not pregnant, so that's good. Mom made them stay in bed all evening, so they could rest up from their surgery. Meanwhile, it now looks like all the kittens have allergies. They have been scratching their hair out, but the vet said maybe they were just allergic to the antibiotics. Now they have stopped being so itchy, but the vet thinks they probably have something called eosinophilic granuloma complex. Which is very hard to spell, so I hope Mom doesn't make me write about it in my blog!

      Love, Piper