Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Sunday night Mom went to the Pet Telethon that the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City has every year.  And the reason they have this event is to make money to help the poor, homeless dogs and cats at the shelter.  So anyway, Mom went to the station, and she got to be on TV three different times.

This year, Mom took her very own camera to the Telethon so that she could make some pictures for me to put in my blog.  So now I am going to show you the pictures.

In the TV studio, there are three different places where they aim the cameras.  One of these is what's called the phone bank, because all the people who are answering phones sit there.  Well, actually, there are some other people answering phones, but they are in a room upstairs where you can't see them.  And whenever a kind, generous person calls to make a pledge, somebody answers the phone and writes down  important stuff like how much money the person wants to give and also their credit card number.

This other place looks sort of like a dog house, but really it's what you call a "tote board."  And what it's used for is to show you how much money got raised so far.

The third set is called "the couch" because it has a couch in it that a nice furniture company loaned the Humane Society to use for the evening.  The furniture company gets their name on a sign where TV viewers can see it whenever people are sitting on the couch.  Then when the couch goes back to the furniture company, it will probably have lots of dog hair on it.

There are three big cameras on wheels, and there is also a camera that a man holds on his shoulder.

And up in the ceiling, there are lots of big lights.  These lights are so big that if one fell on you, it would probably kill you, especially if you are just a little dog like me!

In a big room in the back, there is a lot of food and sodas and stuff like that for the volunteers.  This year they had sandwiches, pizza, fruit, chips and dip, cupcakes, cookies, and a dog cake.  And as usual, Mom forgot to bring any food home for us dogs.

The first two times Mom went on TV, she was holding a chihuahua whose name was Banjo.  This dog was very small, even though he was full grown.  He only weighed 4 pounds, so Mom could carry him around without getting a tired back.  Everybody thought Banjo was the cutest thing ever, and they wanted to pet him.

When Mom took Banjo in the studio to be in front of the cameras, Aunt Sylvia also went there with a dog named Maddie.  I told you about Maddie the last time I wrote about adoptable dogs at the shelter.  Maddie is a corgi mix, and she is very cute.

The third time Mom went on TV, she took a little puppy named Peanut Butter.  This puppy is maybe a terrier mixed with chihuahua, and she is totally adorable.  Peanut Butter got the most calls and applications on Monday, so now she is already adopted!  And guess who adopted her -- it was Aunt Tania's daughter, Victoria.  I'm sure you remember that I talked about Aunt Tania before, because she is the cat rescue lady.

Banjo also got some calls from people who wanted to adopt him, and so did a bunch of the other dogs
that were on the Telethon.  Now we are hoping that they all get adopted soon.

One thing that happens at the Telethon is that people bring pets they have adopted from there in the past, and then they talk about how their dog or cat is doing.  Here is a picture of a dog named Toffee with his new mom and dad.

Meanwhile, the people waiting backstage have to stay sort of quiet, but they can watch the Telethon on a TV screen there.

And guess what!  Dr. Lineberger was on the Telethon because he was presenting a jumbo check from Mission MedVet to the Humane Society.  Dr. Lineberger is the surgeon who fixed my knees, and he also operated on Gabe after The Greyhound Incident.  Luckily, he has not needed to do surgery on any more of Mom's dogs or cats.  At least so far.

Well, that's all the pictures Mom took.  At the end of the Telethon, there was a total of about $151,000 that got raised, but this was not as much money as the Humane Society wanted to make, which was $165,000.  Some more money will come in, but probably not enough to make it to the goal.  But at least a big chunk of money got raised, and also a bunch of dogs will likely get adopted, so that's good.  It's all because of the wonderful people who care about the poor, homeless dogs and cats, and those are the very best people in the whole wide world!


  1. Great pictures!! Just wondering how Maybeline is doing? I don't recall seeing her on the telethon but thought I'd ask...she is soooo cute.
    L - AP

  2. oops...I pressed enter or publish before I realized I mis-spelled Maybelline...forgot the 2nd l!! :)

    1. Maybelline was on the Telethon, but maybe only once. A woman was at the shelter looking at her on Monday and was going to bring her dog in to meet Maybelline. The last I heard, there was an adoption pending, so apparently things worked out!