Thursday, April 12, 2012


My Chief Research Assistant (a.k.a. Mom) has been totally unhelpful lately with my blog.  She says she is too busy with planning conferences and going to the Humane Society and taking care of foster kittens and mowing grass and watching all the Titanic specials on TV.  Those aren't very good excuses, if you ask me.  But sadly, nobody asked me, so I am stuck trying to write my blog without much help.

Anyway, Mom said maybe I could just make a blog that was mostly all pictures that would be easy to find on the internet, plus also something people would want to look at.  So right away I thought of puppy pictures, because there's really nothing cuter than a puppy!  And what I came up with was a bunch of totally adorable puppies, and I hope you like looking at them!


  1. Pictures are so cute. Every one wants protection dogs and guard dogs for our family. all dogs are nice.

  2. i love the 11th pic soo cute

  3. they r all cute and it is!

    1. You're right! They are all cute! I wish I had a photo of when I was a puppy because it would have been EVEN CUTER! LOL


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  5. Dear Puppy Sellers,

    Please don't post your links on my blog. I think people should adopt dogs from shelters or rescue groups instead of buying them. This is just my own personal opinion, but usually my opinion is the right one! Hahahaha!

    Piper the Basenji (who was adopted from a rescue group)