Friday, April 6, 2012


This is me
I am Jeeves the kitten.  I am a yellow tabby boy, and I don't have a tail.  I was born in a barn, but that's okay.  Lots of kittens are born in barns.  All the cats I used to know were born in a barn.  Or close to the barn.  We used to eat in the barn.  There were big dishes with cat food, and we could eat out of any dish we wanted to.  There were horses in the barn, and hay.  You can snuggle down in the hay and sleep.  It's a good way to keep warm, and the hay smells nice.  But a mouse smells nicer.  Especially after you catch it.

One day a lady came to the barn and took me and two of my sisters away.  It was the first time we rode in a car.  We were scared.  Janey pooped.  We rode a long time in the car, and we were very quiet.  We did not want the coyotes to find us.  Or whatever bad things might be in the car.

This is Janey
Then we went to a place where they stuck us with sharp needles.  After that, we went in the car again.  We were very scared and quiet.  When we got to our new home, the lady put us in a cage.  There was a big, soft bed.  The bed was not made of hay, but we liked it because it was soft and warm.  This new place where we live now is not a barn.  It's called a house.  It is warmer than a barn, and there are no horses.  The lady who brought us here is our foster mom, but we just call her Mom.  She is nice to us, except when she squirts icky stuff in our mouths.  And when she cuts our toenails.

Jilly is shy
I had a thing called a hernia, so I got surgery to fix it.  The reason I had it was because I got run over by a car.  It hurt when that happened.  I have never gone under a car again because I learned my lesson.  The surgery hurt at first, but now it doesn't hurt, and I feel fine.  I don't have that lump anymore in my belly where the hernia was.

Mom named me Jeeves, which is something that British people name their butlers sometimes.  I don't know what a butler is, and I don't care.  I think my name sounds kind of funny.  My sisters are named Janey and Jilly.  They are what you call a tortoiseshell color.  I am much prettier than they are.  We don't have tails because we are part Manx.  I don't have any tail at all.  My sisters have short tails with kinks at the end.  Mom says their tails are like fishhooks.  I wish they would catch some fish with their tails.  I like to eat fish.

I'm not shy.  I like to purr.
Jilly and Janey had some surgery, too.  They did not have a hernia.  They had something called a spay.  Before they got their surgery, they smelled very interesting.  Mom said they were in heat.  I don't know what that means, exactly.  I just liked the way they smelled.

We had to get a bunch of medicine squirted into us.  Medicine tastes bad, so we don't like it.  Mom said we had some stuff wrong with us, so that's why we had to take medicine.  Finally, we got all better and stopped taking it.  But then we got something called giardia.  We had it before, and now we have it again.  So we have to take medicine again.  I really hate taking medicine.

Janey purrs, too, but I purr better.
All three of us are very itchy.  I am the itchiest of all.  I scratched so much that I made my itchy spots bleed and hurt.  But I couldn't stop scratching.  The lady who keeps sticking us with sharp needles said that we have allergies.  She gave me a shot that made me not itch so much.  Now all my scabs are drying up and falling off.  My hair is growing back.  My sisters' hair is growing back, too.  Mom says we all look moth-eaten.  Especially me.  I don't care what I look like.  I just want to stop itching.

Mom said that someday we might get adopted.  I don't know what that means.  Mom says that first we have to take our medicine and get well.  I don't want to take medicine, so I don't think I want to get adopted.

Sometimes I miss living in the barn.  I miss the hay and the horses and all the cats I used to know.  I miss my Mama Linda.  She used to feed us every day.  I was her favorite kitten, even if she did run over me.  She called me Yeller, like Old Yeller, who was a dog.  I don't know if it's better to be named after a dog or after a butler.

My sisters and I are almost 7 months old now.  We don't have to live in a cage anymore.  We can run around in the house and play.  We have learned to poop in a special box.  I like to sleep in bed with Mom.  I bite her feet through the sheet.  She doesn't like that.  I don't know why she doesn't.  It's lots of fun.

I have to go play now.  Bye.


  1. Poor Jeeves! You take your medicine and get better! Your orange fur is super cute!

  2. Dear Katie,
    You're right! I am super cute! Mom keeps squirting medicine in my mouth, and then I have to swallow it. Yuck! Tomorrow my sisters and I have to get a bath. I never had a bath before. Maybe it will be fun.

  3. jeeves , you are the top of the pops .Way to go................