Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Here is a list of the top ten breeds of dogs and cats that cost their owners the most in vet bills, according to PetInsuranceComparison.  The information they used to make the list came from the AKC, the Cat Fanciers' Association, ConsumerReports, and the ASPCA.  I don't know if this means it is a good list or not because I don't know how much data there was.  And also, some people don't even have insurance for their pets.  Plus I don't know if mixes of these breeds were counted or just purebreds.

So anyway, those are my disclaimers, and now that I have made them,  I can go ahead and tell you about this list because I think it is interesting.


Rotties suffer the most from allergies, gastric torsion, hypothyroidism, and elbow dysplasia.  Gastric torsion is often called "bloat," and it's when a dog's tummy gets all full of gas.  Sometimes the stomach twists, but not always.  Either way, it can hurt a lot, and it can even kill a dog if the dog does not get to the vet right away.

The average insurance claim for rottweilers was $568.


These dogs can also get bloat, plus sometimes they get cataracts, mast cell tumors, and elbow dysplasia.  Average claim:  $413


The biggest problems with these cats are gingivitis, upper respiratory infections, and liver disease.  Average claim:  $396


This breed suffers from gastric torsion, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and cardiomyopathy.  Another term for cardiomyopathy is "heart failure."  It's when the heart muscle gets weak and doesn't work very well anymore.

The average claim for a Great Dane was $385.


These dogs are brachycephalic, which means they have a very short face, and that makes them have several respiratory problems.  One of these is called stenotic nares, which is a fancy way of saying "pinched nostrils."  The nostrils can be opened up by surgery, and then the dog can breathe better.

English bulldogs may also have an elongated soft palate, hip dysplasia, and patellar luxation (which is when your knee joints keep slipping out of place).

Average claim for an English Bulldog:  $371


Bengals can have sensitive stomachs and inflammatory bowels.  Also they are more likely to get feline leukemia than some other breeds.  Average claim:  $365


Frenchies suffer from allergies, brachycephalic syndrome, stenotic nares, and hip dysplasia.  Average claim:  $356


These cats can get polycystic kidney disease, hip dysplasia, and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.  Hypertrophic means "thickened," and it's when the heart walls get thick for no obvious reason, and then you can suddenly die from having your heart quit.

Average claim:  $314


Ragdolls are generally pretty healthy, but they can have a bad reaction to live vaccines.  Also, older cats  can get worms and diabetes.  Average claim:  $278


Because they have shorter faces, Himalayans can have breathing problems.  Also they sometimes suffer from kidney disease or inflammatory bowels.  Average claim:  $216

So those are the top ten most expensive purebred pets that you can have, at least according to this pet insurance website.  Mom thinks greyhounds should be on the list because it seems like they always have some kind of intestinal thing wrong with them, and it's never easy or cheap to fix it.  Also their teeth are usually bad.  But Mom didn't have any say in making the list.

I'm just glad that basenjis aren't on the list, because I don't want Mom to get the idea that I'm too expensive to keep around!


  1. Hi Piper, it's me Di. Gosh, it's been like forever since mom has let me make a comment on your blog. I was glad NOT to see Russian Blue on the list too...don't want her thinking I'm too expensive like you stated. I did kind of give a mean laugh...well just to myself when I saw the Ragdoll listed. I'm sure mom has told your mom we have this new cat, Sugar who is a Ragdoll...and let me tell you we do NOT get along!! I guess we get along a little tiny bit better than her first couple weeks here. I have no idea why Dodi likes her...I think Dodi is a traitor!! OK enough of my griping, but knew you would understand,
    Love, Di
    P.S. Don't let your mom read this post, or she might tell my mom and then I will be in trouble because I talked about my new "sister" Sugar. UGH!

    1. Dear Di,
      I am very glad you got to write a comment in my blog today. It's really unfair that you have a new cat at your house, and you are expected to actually get along with her and love her like a sister. It is very unreasonable of your mom to think you will do this, especially since Sugar is one of those expensive Ragdoll cats. Your brother Dodi clearly has no standards. He sounds like my kitty brother Jason, who likes every kitten that comes along. Anyway, make sure you don't get sick and run up any big vet bills, and you will be fine.
      Love, Piper

  2. Dear Piper,



    --Zest!, superstar in training.

    1. Dear Zest,
      Mom and I saw the pictures of the basenji and the elephant last night when your mom put this link on the B-List. I was totally amazed at how BIG that elephant was, and how small that basenji looked next to it! Mom asked me if I would like to have an elephant friend, and I said I wasn't sure, since the elephant looked kind of scary to me. But maybe if there was a tall, sturdy fence in between us, I wouldn't be too afraid. I just wouldn't want the elephant to step on me, because if he did, I would be a basenji pancake!
      Your friend, Piper

    2. Wow! A ragdoll cat for $278!! The cheepest I've seen is for $600! Where is this breeder!? My ragdoll cat was for over $700.

    3. This is not the cost of the cat. It is the average amount for insurance claims on ragdoll cats, as recorded by a particular pet insurance company. You are right to think that actually buying the cat in the first place costs a lot more than that!