Saturday, May 12, 2012


We've had our new kittens, Ivy and Ingram, for a week and a day now.  When we first got them, they were very lively and crazy, and they meowed a lot, which was driving us nuts.  They were having some diarrhea, and then last Saturday, Mom saw blood in the diarrhea.  When she found some blood on Ingram's butt, she knew who was responsible for this situation.


Mom called Aunt Tania to ask if it was probably just worms, or if she should be worried.  They talked for a while, and Mom decided to take the kittens to Dr. Patricia's office.  She couldn't take them to the shelter because Dr. Regan was still on vacation.

So Mom took the kittens there, and it was Dr. Vodraska who looked at them.  Dr. Griswold isn't at the clinic anymore because she must have got a job someplace else that probably paid more.  So Dr. Vodraska is working there part time.  Many years ago, Dr. Vodraska used to work in Dr. Patricia's clinic, but then Dr. Vodraska, who was in the Army Reserves, got deployed when the war in Afghanistan started.  So now she is done with her Army career, and she is just a regular veterinarian.

Anyway, on Saturday, Dr. Vodraska looked at the kittens, and she looked in their ears, and she listened to their hearts, and she took their temperatures, and she said they were in very good shape.  Then she sent some of Ingram's poop off to the lab to find out what was wrong with it.  And on Monday, we found out that the lab said nothing was wrong with Ingram's poop at all.  But by then, his poop had started looking better, so maybe it was just stress or a change of food or something.


Then on Monday evening, Ivy started sneezing.  So Mom was a little worried about that, and she decided to take the kittens to the shelter on Tuesday, which would be Dr. Regan's first day back.  But when Mom called to ask what time would be good to bring the kittens, Dr. Regan said she was too busy to see the kittens on Tuesday, and Mom should bring them on Wednesday.

So Mom was going to take the kittens on Wednesday, but then Aunt Tania called Mom that morning and said that it wasn't a good day to bring the kittens because the inspector was coming, and everyone was feeling stressed and grumpy.  Meanwhile, Ivy was sneezing more, but Aunt Tania said she thought Ivy just had a little cold, and she would be okay.

On Thursday morning, Mom had to do some stuff, but then she called the shelter to find out what time to bring the kittens, and she found out that Dr. Regan and all the other vets were in a meeting that might last for a while, and after that, Dr. Regan was leaving.  Which meant that Mom had to wait until yesterday to take the kittens to the shelter.  And by then, poor little Ivy had a really stuffed-up nose, and it was hard for her to breathe, plus Ingram was sneezing, too.

Poor, sick Ivy

Well, when Dr. Regan saw Ivy, she said, "That is a very sick kitten."  She also told Mom that she shouldn't have waited 5 days to bring a sneezing kitten to the vet.  But Mom said she kept trying to bring the kittens in, but Dr. Regan never seemed to be available to see them.  Anyway, Dr. Regan started both kittens on Doxycycline, and they also have some other stuff that Mom is supposed to squirt up their tiny little noses to help them breathe.  Plus Dr. Regan gave Ivy some subcutaneous fluids, and she gave both kittens a vitamin A shot.  Oh, and Ivy has conjunctivitis, so she has to get ointment in her eyes.

Next week Mom is supposed to take the kittens back to the shelter to get tested for FIV and Feline Leukemia.  And pretty soon, they will be old enough to start getting their vaccinations.  I guess Dr. Regan thinks that Ivy and Ingram will survive their upper respiratory infection or else she wouldn't have told Mom to bring them back next week.  But she did say that if they got worse, Mom should bring them in sooner.

Mom decided maybe the kittens were getting cold in their crate because it's kind of in a drafty location, especially when the air-conditioner is on.  So Mom made a new bed for them out of a cardboard box with high sides, and also she put a blanket over the crate.  So maybe that will help.

The kittens in their covered crate with Nurse Jason on top

But anyway, that's enough about the kittens.  Now I want to talk about ME!  I had to go to the vet's office yesterday to get another one of those tests for my Cushing's Disease.  I got to meet Dr. Vodraska, and she was very nice.  Mom pointed out to Nurse Debbie that I had a wound on my side where my evil brother Barry bit me a couple of days ago.  He bit me when we were both lurking around the kittens' crate, looking for little bits of food or litter or kitten poop that might have fallen out.  Dr. Vodraska said that I needed antibiotics, so now I have to take Clavamox.  Mom and I were surprised, because if I hadn't had this blood test thing, Mom would not have even taken me to the vet for the wound, since it didn't look infected or anything.  But Dr. Vodraska said that my immune system is not so good because of my Cushing's Disease, and everything heals slower when you have Cushing's Disease, so that's why I should take the Clavamox.

My bite wound 

I like taking pills because I get extra little dog food meatballs.  Oh, but guess what!  The other day, Mom was giving Nicky his pills, except he didn't like his meatball, and he dropped it on the floor.  So I snatched it up and ate it, just like that!  Mom was upset because the meatball had some pill called Prozac in it and also one called Tramadol.  So Mom called the vet's office, and they said to give me hydrogen peroxide to make me puke.  Which Mom did.  But I didn't puke.  Then Mom watched me all evening to see if I would have a seizure, but I didn't.  I was just fine, except I was really relaxed and sleepy, so I snoozed a lot.

And that's all the news for today, which is quite a bit of news, but it's important news, so that's why I wanted to tell it to you.


  1. Dear Piper,

    First...NO MORE SICK KITTENS!! I feel bad for the kittens, and even worse for your mom!! It's just NOT fair!! I was HAPPY to read about when the kittens might be getting their I agree, the Dr. must have positive thoughts about the kittens getting better!

    I am sooo sorry you have to take antibiotics to help you heal!! I also have a slow or not healthy immune system and everything heals s-l-o-w-l-y!! I think it's good and only fair that you get extra food/meatballs with your meds! :) Wish they did that for humans!

    Wishing you and the entire household a HAPPY & HEALTHY Mother's Day weekend; whether one is a mother or not. I mean we all do "motherly" things at some point during the day!!
    Love, AP

    1. Dear Aunt Patty,

      Our kittens are getting better, and we know this because they aren't sneezing much anymore. Also they are playing again. They like their cardboard box bed, probably because all cats have the "I love boxes" gene.

      Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

      Love, Piper