Monday, June 18, 2012


Well, first of all, Ingram the kitten got adopted!  He went to his forever home last night with a very nice couple who just moved here from Indiana.  This is the first place they've lived where they can have a pet, and the man wanted a Manx kitty because he had a couple of them when he was a kid.  These people are also thinking about getting a small dog, which I believe is a very fine idea.

Oh, but guess what!  Ingram got two more applications yesterday, so he is very popular, which doesn't usually happen with a black cat.  We think maybe everyone likes his cute little bobbed tail!

Meanwhile, we still have Latifa and her kittens, Akeela and Binty.  Mom hasn't got around to taking any more pictures of them, but she will sometime.  The two kittens are eating a lot of canned food now, but they are also still nursing.  So they are not exactly starving to death!  After the cactus conference, Mom is going to work seriously on weaning the kittens, but she doesn't have time right now.  Aunt Tania will take care of our foster kitties while Mom is at the conference.

Yesterday afternoon, Mom and Aunt Jeanne went to a concert by the Heartland Men's Chorus.  This concert was called "All You Need Is Love," and it had only Beatles songs in it.  Mom and Aunt Jeanne liked it very much.  The concert was at the new Kauffman Center, instead of at the Folly Theater, where this group usually has its shows.  Aunt Jeanne had never been in the Kauffman Center before, so she got out her iPhone and started taking pictures.  Later she sent the pictures to Mom.

The Heartland Men's Chorus singing "Michelle"

Mom felt inspired to get out her own cell phone and take some photos, but her phone is kind of cheap, and it takes really crappy pictures.  So Mom's photos don't look real great.  And even Aunt Jeanne's pictures aren't as good as what  a real camera could take.

Here's a photo that Aunt Jeanne took in the lobby.  You can see in this photo that it was a bright, sunny day.

In Mom's photo of the same lobby, it looks like a cloudy day, even though you can see blue sky up above.  Although maybe it's possible that a cloud went in front of the sun right before Mom took the photo.  But Mom prefers to blame the camera in her phone.

Here's a view that Aunt Jeanne took looking out of the lobby.

And this one is inside the theater, where they have really strange lighting on the front of the balconies, and it looks kind of like aluminum foil.  Mom can't decide if she likes it or not.  Mostly, she thinks it's just weird.  Anyway, Aunt Jeanne took this picture, and then Mom played with it in iPhoto to try to make it look abstract or something like that.  I don't know if she really did that or if she just ruined the picture.  I am not an art critic, as I have told you before.

I guess that's all the photos I have to show you.  Mom is not going to the shelter today, even though she usually goes there on Mondays.  Instead, she will stay home and spend time with us dogs and cats because she feels guilty about abandoning us when she goes to the conference.  Except that she says she is staying home so she can clean the house because AUNT CHERYL WILL BE HERE TOMORROW!  YAY!

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