Saturday, June 30, 2012


We had to get up early this morning to say goodbye to Aunt Cheryl.  She is on her way home to Austin now, and we won't see her again until maybe next year.  Ever since the cactus conference got over with, Mom and Aunt Cheryl have been busy running around every day, going to thrift shops and garden centers and estate sales and all sorts of places.  We dogs mostly stayed home and took naps because it has been really, really hot outside, and the best thing to do in this sort of weather is to stay inside and sleep.  At least that's my opinion.

So here is some other exciting news about us.  When Mom went to pick up our foster kitties, she found out that the two kittens, Binty and Akeela, got adopted last Saturday!  A family with twin boys adopted them, because they wanted two kittens, one for each boy.  So Mom brought Latifa, the mama cat, home, and she gets to run around the house wherever she wants to go, just like our other cats.

As soon as Latifa's milk dries up, she can get spayed, and then she can get adopted.  We thought her milk was drying up okay, but then she started getting all lumpy, so Mom took her to see the vet yesterday, and now Latifa has to take Clavamox, which is an antibiotic, because she might have something called mastitis.

Meanwhile, guess what!  We got 4 new foster kittens on Thursday!  I haven't got to meet them yet because Mom is keeping them in the back room with the doors closed.  There are 3 boy kittens and 1 girl kitten.  They are all sort of a dilute tabby color, except one of the boys is a darker color.  Mom has not taken any pictures of them yet or even named them, but she has a "short list" of names that all start with "W."  The girl will probably be called Waverly, but Mom hasn't decided on the other 3 names yet.  Also, Mom needs to figure out how to tell the kittens apart.

Today Mom is going to a DivaPets adoption event at PetSmart, and they are going to have 23 kittens there to be adopted!  Frankly, I think this is way too many kittens for anybody to even think about, let alone adopt, but that is just my own opinion.  There are lots more kittens that Aunt Tania's group couldn't take in because all the foster homes are full.  And all the shelters are full, too.  So we don't know what is happening to some of those kittens that don't have anyplace to go.  We don't even like thinking about it.  We just wish more people would get their kitties spayed or neutered.

Okay, well that's mostly all the news for right now except that Mom told me I lied to you when I said she didn't take any pictures at the cactus conference.  She took exactly 3 pictures, and they were all of plants she bought there.  So now I am going to show you these pictures, but don't expect me to tell you anything about these plants because I don't know anything about them except that they do not seem like anything I want to eat!


  1. Aw, Piper, you look adorable all circled up on your bed! I think you should add that photo to the bottom of all of your posts. It should be your sign off thing. Like, "Okay, guys, I've finished telling you what I had to say. I'm going to take a nap now."

    1. Dear Katie,
      That is a good idea to have a sign-off thing. Maybe I'll think about doing it. Thanks for recognizing how cute I am when I'm sleeping!
      Your friend, Piper

  2. Dear Piper,
    Wow, lots of stuff's going on and Waverly is just REALLY fun to say, at least that's what I think, My neighbor's three cat's start with W too except the third one,Willy, Wanda, and then there's Charles,
    I hope you see the kittens and everyone else gets to see them to, but thinking about more cats make me wonder why doesn't your mom get dogs- or better yet- bunnies?
    Anyway, I wish people would neuter animals because if you can't take care of their babies, why can't you prevent your pet from having them.


    P.S. I think a few days ago you mixed up SHSATS with SATs because Tas isn't in high school yet (which is why she is taking the test) let alone college but I think they call the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test something different in other places which is why you got confused... Glad I could clear that up!

    1. Dear Fluffy,
      I don't know why my mom keeps getting kittens instead of puppies or bunnies, which would be more fun. Mostly I think she is just crazy. LOL I still haven't got to see the new kittens up close because Mom is keeping them in a room by themselves. They keep having diarrhea, so Mom thinks they might not be healthy enough to come out and be with the rest of us yet.

      Thanks for explaining about the SHSAT test. Mom says she never heard of it before, but that is probably because she is so old that the test hadn't been invented back when she was in school! Anyway, there weren't any specialized high schools where she grew up, so even if the test was invented already, nobody she knew took it. But Mom did have to take the PSAT and SAT tests, so she at least knows about those.

      I went to obedience class, but I didn't have to take a test to get in. I never really learned what I was supposed to in class, but they gave me a certificate thingy anyway. I was just glad to get out of there and not have to go back to school!

      Your friend, Piper