Thursday, June 21, 2012


And Aunt Cheryl is here, too!  She got to our house on Tuesday morning.  I remembered her right away, but Barry forgot it was okay to let her come in the house and walk around without barking and lunging at her.  Then after a while, he remembered that Aunt Cheryl is a very nice person who loves and understands dogs, so he started behaving more nicely.

Mom has been going sort of nuts, trying to get everything ready to take to the conference.  She had to pack all our doggy pills and our food and all sorts of important stuff like that.  Also she had to make a whole bunch of forms and signs and things on the computer and print them out.  And then finally, she had to pack her clothes, because she didn't want to walk around naked at the conference, which would be illegal anyway.

So that didn't leave much time for my blog, and that's why this entry is going to be really short.  I hate it that Mom and Aunt Cheryl are going away and making us dogs and cats go and get boarded.  It's just not fair, if you ask me.  But nobody asked me, of course.

Anyway, I won't get to write again until maybe Monday because I can't use the computer at Pooches' Paradise.  So I hope you will not stop thinking about me and my blog while I am in prison -- I mean, at the boarding kennel.  Because when I get back, I'm going to write a whole bunch of stuff, and I think you'll like reading it!


  1. Dear Piper,
    Hey! I'm sorry I can't post comments anymore and I made Tas catch up on the reading- but too bad she's too busy all the time studying for the SHSATs or whatever (like it's important and it would even help her in life *Attempting to roll eyes*)Anyways, I hope you get out of prison...uh...Pooches Paradise soon, BTW how in the world is being stuck in cages "paradise"
    P.S. Love what you did to your blog, and I hope you watch Psych, It's a REALLY good show, just in case you didn't read my blog, you can watch the shows here (I recommend watching the older episodes before Santa Barbara Town)
    You can watch it on USANetwork at8/9c or online:

  2. Dear Fluffy,
    I am still trying to catch up with stuff after getting back from Pooches' Paradise. Mom is busy doing stuff with Aunt Cheryl, so she can't help me write my blog, and that means I don't get it done. I hope Tas does well on the SATs so that she can get into a really good college.

    I don't watch Psych, but I have heard it is a pretty good show. Maybe I will try to watch it sometime.

    Your friend, Piper