Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Mom is like, way too busy these days, and I am not happy about the situation!  In fact, nobody in our house is happy about the situation, including Mom.  I think maybe I told you one time that Mom said 2012 would be "The Year From Hell" because so much stuff was going to happen.  Well, we have got to the hellish part, and it's going to stay pretty much this way until mid-August.  After that, we hope we can have nice, normal lives again!

Anyway, the first Big Thing that is happening is called the 14th Biennial Mid-States Cactus and Succulent Conference.  Mom is what's called the Chairperson of this important event -- which you can tell is important just because it has such a long name -- so she has to be very responsible and make sure everything is done right.  Also, there are lots and lots of questions she has to answer, and decisions she has to make.

The second Big Thing is the Oregon-California Trails Association annual convention.  Mom is not as responsible for that convention, but she is in charge of putting all the registration information for everybody into a spreadsheet thingy.  And then she has to send out confirmation letters to everybody who registered.    She spent almost all day yesterday doing that, which means she didn't have much time to help me with my blog, and this is why I am stuck just complaining about the fact that Mom is so darned busy.  I apologize to my faithful readers for this, but it is really not my fault at all.

The worst part is going to be that we dogs have to go to Pooches' Paradise to get boarded for three whole nights while the cactus conference is happening.  And during the day, we will have to play with the other dogs at doggy daycare, which I don't really like to do much, because I would rather just take a nap all day.  All of this starts on Thursday morning, June 21, which is a week from tomorrow, so it's not very far away!

But before we have to go to Pooches' Paradise, a Really Good Thing is going to happen, which is that AUNT CHERYL IS COMING TO VISIT!  She is going to drive all the way up here from Austin just because she wants to visit us dogs and maybe also the cats.  But she is mostly a dog person, so she might just ignore the cats, which is fine with me.  Oh, and she is going to the cactus conference with Mom.  So Aunt Cheryl will get here next Tuesday, and then after one day of visiting with Aunt Cheryl, we have to go to Pooches' Paradise.  But Aunt Cheryl is going to stay for a few days after the conference, so we will get to spend some time with her then.  The sad part is that Aunt Cheryl has to come here all by herself, without Hank.  But maybe I can be really nice to her and make her feel better because I know she misses him a whole lot.

So I guess that's all the big news about what's going on around here.  I wish I could write lots of long, educational blog entries, but right now I'm kind of lucky to get Mom to help me write anything at all!


  1. Dear Piper,
    I think it is very sad that your mom is very busy. I hope she remembers to feed you. That would be a tragedy if she were to forget, but maybe Aunt Cheryl will remind her. Or maybe they will both feed you and you'll get second breakfast and second dinner! That would be a very good thing.

    My life is also difficult. Mom has decided that in order to get my breakfast, I have to *do* stuff. She takes me out to the agility field and I have to ***WORK*** for my breakfast. Mom says "no work, no breakfast". Have you ever heard of such a thing?!? I usually enjoy agility adn all, but honestly I think food is supposed to be free. Does anyone, other than myself, really have to work for their food???

    So, I was going to say you could come here while your mom was busy, but as you can clearly see, my life has taken a horrible turn for the worse.

    Your (hungry) friend,
    Zest, superstar in perpetual training

    1. Dear Zest,
      I am horrified to think that you are having to WORK for your food! What kind of extreme torture will your mom come up with next???? So far, my mom has not forgotten to feed me, so maybe she will keep on remembering, even when she is busy. If I had to work for my food, I think I would starve to death because I am much too lazy to do any kind of work! Maybe you are the one who should come here. Aunt Cheryl could pretend you are her basenji, and all you would have to do is open the fridge and get into all sorts of other mischief, and it would be like having Hank around again!
      Your friend, Piper