Monday, June 25, 2012


Mom came and rescued us from Pooches' Paradise yesterday afternoon because the cactus conference was all over with, and she and Aunt Cheryl were home again.  So we dogs got to come home, too, and we took naps all evening in the nice, air-conditioned house.  We helped Mom and Aunt Cheryl watch "American Pickers" on TV, and we got to eat supper out of our own bowls.

The cats are not home yet, and we like it that way.  Even Mom says that a house with only dogs in it and no cats is easier to deal with.  Sadly, Mom is going to go pick up Charlie and Chloe and Jason this morning after breakfast.  Then later, Mom and Aunt Cheryl are going to drive to the Humane Society and get our foster kitties from Aunt Tania.  I tried to talk Mom out of doing this, but I was not successful.  Sigh.

Well, about the conference, Mom says it went well, and she had a good time, and she is really happy that it is over with.  Mom took her camera to the conference, but she never took a single picture.  Which is why I don't have any pictures to show you right now.

Mom bought a bunch of plants -- 18, but who's counting?  She spent over $300 on plants and books about plants and also on pots for plants.  This seems like a terrible waste of money that could have been spent on dog food.  But no one asked me, as usual.

Here is one of the books that Mom bought.  She is wanting to get busy repotting a bunch of her plants, but she might not have time to do this until after the other convention in August.

Anyway, the mainmost point I want to make is that my brothers and I survived our stay at Pooches' Paradise, and now we are home where we belong, which makes us very, very happy!


  1. Did your mom buy plants you can eat? those are the best kind of plants. We have some at our house, but there's something outside that also thinks our plants are edible.

    Your friend
    Zest, superstar in training

    1. No, Mom did not buy any very edible plants. Maybe the slugs or grasshoppers will think they are edible, but not me. Speaking of edible, though, I sure do wish that cicada season would hurry up and get here!

      Your friend, Piper