Wednesday, July 18, 2012


All of these dogs are at the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City, where Mom volunteers.  You can find more pictures and information on the shelter's website.


This friendly, handsome guy is a greyhound-hound mix.  He's 7 years old, and he was a stray.  He does fine with medium or large dogs, but should not have small dogs or cats in his new home.


The nice people who work at the Humane Society found Maci in the woods near the shelter.  Somebody must have abandoned her there, which is a very sad thing to happen to a dog.  Anyway, Maci is very sweet, but kind of shy at first.  She is a lab mix, about a year old, and she weighs 47 pounds.  She is good with other dogs and would probably like a home where she would have a doggy companion.


Heidi is only 6 months old, so she is still a puppy.  She will maybe weigh 50 pounds when she is full grown.  The website says that Heidi is a pointer-lab mix, but I think she is more of a pointer-greyhound mix.  Of course, as usual, nobody asked me!  Anyway, Heidi is really friendly and playful, and she likes to sit in your lap.  She was picked up as a stray.


This is an older dog who was also a stray.  She looks like she is used to living inside a house, but nobody came to claim her and take her home.  Lillybelle is a shiba inu mix who is about 10 years old.  She weighs 44 pounds, and could probably stand to lose a little weight.  She is deaf and also has limited vision.  Lillybelle gets startled easily, so she would prefer a nice quiet home without noisy kids.  She gets along well with other dogs and with cats.


B.B. is a lab-shepherd mix who is about 6 years old and weighs 66 pounds.  When he first came to the shelter, he had a very bad case of demodex mange, and most of his hair was missing.  But now he is doing much better, and lots of his hair grew back.  He still has kind of a bald rear end, but that will be all hairy soon, too.  B.B. is very sweet, and he loves people.  His ideal home would be one where there is somebody home a lot of the time.


This little guy is totally cute, not to mention being lots of fun, too.  Buster is a 4-year-old wire-haired terrier mix who weighs 30 pounds.  He was a stray, like most of these dogs were.  Buster loves playing with other dogs, and he would be a great pet for somebody.


When Sarah Bear first came to the shelter, she was very, very shy, but she's not so scared now.  She is a pretty shepherd mix, and she weighs 48 pounds.  She is probably about 2 years old.

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