Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Gather," a poem by Rose McLarney

Some springs, apples bloom too soon.
The trees have grown here for a hundred years, and are still quick
to trust that the frost has finished.  Some springs,
pink petals turn black.  Those summers, the orchards are empty
and quiet.  No reason for the bees to come.

Other summers, red apples beat hearty in the trees, golden apples
glow in sheer skin.  Their weight breaks branches,
the ground rolls with apples, and you fall in fruit.

You could say, I have been foolish.  You could say, I have been fooled.
You could say, Some years, there are apples.

Poem from The Always Broken Plates of Mountains, published by Four Way Books


  1. Dear Piper,
    we have been fooled at this house too! We have many zucchini blossoms, but alas, no actual zucchinis. Mom and dad are perplexed.
    Thankfully neighbor Bob has shared some of his zucchinis with us so that we don't have to go hungry. His dogs are nice and plump, but I am so skinny it's sad. I think that's why neighbor Bob shares his food with us.

    --Zest, superstar still in training

    1. Dear Zest!
      I thought it was almost impossible not to get zucchinis if you plant them, but I guess it can happen, huh. If you ask me, plants are way too hard to understand, so I think everybody should stick to growing dogs and cats!
      Your friend, Piper

  2. Dear Piper-
    I think we would have zuc's if it weren't for something that keeps eating them. I'd be happy to go into the garden and investigate, but mom won't let me, so really it's her fault we don't have zuc's.


    1. I think the something that is eating them must be rabbits or squirrels or ground hogs or mountain lions, and you could be very helpful in saving the zucchini. So you're right. It's your mom's fault!