Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Our newest crop of foster kittens all have names that start with "W."  I'm not sure why.  I just know that Mom gave them these names, maybe because she thought the kittens were Wonderful or Winsome or Wild.  Anyway, three of the kittens are dilute tabbies, which means they look like gray tabbies that got all washed out and faded.  Of course, they're still very cute, as far as I can tell.  Not that any of us except for Mom has got to see much of the kittens anyway.

Waverly is the only girl in the litter

And the reason we have haven't got to see them is because they have been sick.  We don't know what was wrong with them, but they started acting like they felt crappy, and they stopped playing and eating.  Also, they were having diarrhea.  This was all happening last week, and Mom took some of Willis's poop to the clinic at the Humane Society (because Willis was the puniest and smallest kitten, and his poop was very watery).  But the lab said that nothing was wrong with the poop.


Then Mom took all four kittens to the Humane Society on Thursday so that Dr. Regan could see them, and she was surprised to find out that Mom had a whole new "4-pack" of kittens, which is what she called them.  Dr. Regan thought Mom still had Binty and Akeela, but they already got adopted.  So Dr. Regan examined the W kittens, and she tested them for FIV and feline leukemia, which luckily, they didn't have.  Then Dr. Regan said that the kittens needed fluids twice a day because they were really dehydrated.  Mom had tried to give them fluids, and she sort of did okay with Waverly and Willis, but Wyatt said "No way!" when Mom tried to give him fluids, and she couldn't even keep the needle in him long enough to squirt any of the fluid under his skin.

Wyatt, who is a darker color and easy to tell apart
from the other kittens

Anyway, Dr. Regan understood that Mom could not really do the fluids by herself without somebody to help her, so Dr. Regan said she thought the kittens should stay at the Humane Society and get taken care of there.  Except that there wasn't any space for them because of all the kittens and cats that were already there.  But Aunt Tania moved a bunch of cats around, and she managed to make a cage empty for the kittens.  So Mom left them there to get expert nursing care, and yesterday Mom brought them back home again.


Now the kittens are very perky and happy, and they like eating and playing again.  They spent most of the afternoon playing.  Mom had to figure out all over again which kitten belongs to which name, and Mom put some colored elastic ponytail things around the kittens' necks so that she can tell them apart easier.


We think the kittens probably aren't contagious anymore, so Mom might let them come out of their room to meet the rest of us.  Personally, I am mainly interested in eating any food that they might leave in their dish.  Also I would like to dig around in their litter box and see if there is anything yummy in there.


Now that the kittens are eating again, they will start putting on weight, and pretty soon they will be big enough for spaying and neutering.  They have to weigh 2 pounds before that can happen, and then after that, they can get adopted.


Meanwhile, we still have Latifa here, and her milk finally dried up, so she has an appointment to be spayed on Tuesday of next week.  At first we thought Latifa was only about 10 months old, but one vet at the shelter said Latifa was at least a year old.  And when Mom took Latifa to see Dr. Vodraska, she said that Latifa might be 3 years old.  Latifa is just a tiny little cat who only weighs 5.5 pounds, so that's why we thought she was so young.


Anyway, if you know of anybody who wants to adopt any kittens or cats, just let us know, because Aunt Tania's rescue group, which is called DivaPets, has any age, color, size, or shape of cat you could ever want, and they all need homes!

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