Sunday, August 26, 2012


On Friday night Mom went to Art Unleashed, which I have told you about before because it happens every single year.  It's a big fundraiser deal for the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City, and Mom likes to go there and buy artwork that we don't really have room for on our walls.  Aunt LaDene usually goes there, too, because she likes to look at all the artwork, but she doesn't ever buy anything.  I can't explain this, but I guess it doesn't matter, since nobody asked me to explain it.

Anyway, Mom really liked a couple of photos that were taken in Peru by the same person, and Mom ended up buying both of them.  One of the photos has a dog in it, and this dog is sleeping on an ancient stone that was put there by the Incas.

We don't know if this dog has a home or if it is just a dog that wanders the streets, looking for food.  When Mom was in Peru, she saw lots of street dogs.  Maybe some of them get fed regular meals by people, but there are a lot who have to find food on their own.  Which I think is a very sad state of affairs because I have personally been out on the streets, trying to find food, and I can tell you that it's not easy.

The other photo from Peru is the face of an alpaca.  In case you don't know about alpacas, they are in the same family as camels and llamas. The are smaller than llamas, and they have really nice hair that you can make sweaters and blankets and all sorts of things out of.

Mom also bought two little paintings that are called "doodles."  They are only 5" or 6" square.  Mom bought one that has a black-and-white dog on it, which is the best color for dogs, as I have mentioned before.

The other "doodle" has a cat, but this cat is very strange-looking, in my opinion.  It only seems to have two legs and a tail.  I don't know why Mom would buy something that doesn't even look like a real cat, but Mom thinks it's cute, and anyway she only paid $5 for it.

When Mom was hanging pictures up today, she was shocked to find some great big cracks in the walls and ceiling of our house.  The reason why we have these is because of The Drought, which makes the foundation of the house do strange things.  I am worried that the whole house will crack apart and fall down on us and kill us, but Mom said that is not very likely.  I really hope she's right about that!

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  1. Foundations now that is an issue.. I have kept the front watered cuz of my plants... the back of the house well... we have noticed the sunroom windows not closing and I'm sure it is foundation issues.. Yes....watering probably would be one way to resolve it since we can't seem to get any rain!!! My brother's about 170 mi west of here got almost 4 inches this past rain.. boy do the farmers need all they can get also!! And like the pictures :) Look forward to meeting Piper one of these days.. Jean