Wednesday, August 22, 2012

ME! ME! ME! by Jason, the cat

The world is full of so much fascinating feline subject matter, and yet for some reason, Piper continues not to put it in her blog.  I just don't know what she could be thinking!  Anyway, in an effort to get a little more equal representation, I have taken over the writing of today's entry.  Of course, I first had to decide which feline topic would be the most interesting to write about, and after giving it a bit of thought, I realized the answer was obvious:  ME!

I will begin by telling you that I turned one year old on June 22.  But did anyone throw a big party for my birthday?  NO!  And why not?  Because Mom was at that stupid cactus conference, and I was locked up in a cage at Dr. Patricia's office.  I was downright disgusted by this development.  Mom says she will make it up to me next year, but I am not holding my breath!

Anyway, I'm not a kitten anymore.  I'm an adult cat, and I weigh 8 pounds!  This is lots less than Chloe and Charlie weigh, but Mom says it is a perfectly respectable weight, and besides, I might still "fill out" a little more.

I have a lot of important roles to play around the house, and one of them is to be a big brother to all the foster kittens that come through here.  Some of these kittens are really little when they arrive, and they think I am some kind of big, scary monster.  Mom doesn't like it if I play too roughly with them, and sometimes she makes me stop.  But it doesn't take long for them to grow up and get big enough to be a lot of fun.

Here I am intimidating Wyatt!

In fact, it's a good thing I have kittens around to play with because Chloe and Charlie are not too much into playing.  Chloe will let me chase her sometimes, and she'll even wrestle a little, but mostly she likes for us to just cuddle and groom each other.

I really like cuddling with Chloe because she's very soft and warm.  We sleep together on Mom's bed almost every night, but in the summer we don't sleep as close together because it's too hot.  Chloe and I are BFFs, which stands for Best Feline Friends.

Charlie lets me cuddle with him sometimes, but not as much as Chloe does.  Some of the kittens we've had here are pretty cuddly, and of course they are very playful.  Sometimes they seem to think I am a mama cat, and they start looking for a milk spigot.  But so far they haven't found one!

Here I am playing with Ingram,
that black kitten with the stubby tail.

I'll tell you who's not very cuddly, and that is Latifa.  Maybe Piper told you about her.  She is that little black cat who came here with her two kittens that she was nursing.  Latifa was very growly and hissy towards all of us at first, and Mom thought it was because she was trying to protect her kittens.  After a while, the kittens got adopted, and then we were just waiting for Latifa's milk to dry up so she could get spayed.

But meanwhile, she started smelling VERRRRRY interesting to me.  I followed her around and sniffed her girl parts a lot, but she didn't like that.  Except that finally she decided she did like it.  And then she let me get on top of her and wrestle with her and stuff like that.  But the very next day, Mom took Latifa to be spayed, and when she came home, she didn't want to have anything to do with me.

Latifa finds all kinds of interesting things to do and places to go!

So Latifa and I get into cat fights sometimes, because what other kind of fights could we get into?  Ha!  We play together a little bit, but mostly Latifa prefers to play by herself and not with me.  She likes to snuggle with Mom at night under the sheet, but she doesn't snuggle with us other cats.  She doesn't play with the "W" kittens either.  I guess if they aren't her kittens, she doesn't want anything to do with them.  I just think she's kind of weird.

Right now I don't have any kittens to play with, because Waldo and Willis got adopted on Saturday, and Waverly and Wyatt are spending the week at PetSmart.  So I either have to play by myself or get Latifa to play with me.  I know it's a lost cause, but I can't seem to resist pestering her to play.  This morning I showed up at breakfast with a scratch on my nose.  Mom thinks I got it from Latifa, but I'm not saying.  There's no way I would admit that I got beat up by a girl!

Okay, well, here are a few of my other interests and hobbies.  I really like hunting bugs.  Any time there is a bug in the house, I am after it!  And a lot of times I catch it, too, because I'm a very good hunter.

Another thing I like to do is look out the front door through that little pane of glass at the bottom.  I'm sure that whoever designed that door had a cat because that window is just the perfect height.  Of course, I look out of the other windows, too, but the front door is the best.

Oh, and here's the most fun thing of all:  I love to dash out the back door whenever I can, and then go exploring in the back yard.  Mom hates it when I do this because she says cats aren't allowed outside, but I've made my escape a bunch of times while Mom was waiting for a dog to come in the house.  Now Mom usually looks all around before she opens the door, and if she sees me anyplace, she picks me up and holds me so that I can't go out.

Mom thinks she's smart, but I'm smarter.  All I have to do is bide my time, and one of these days she will slip up again.  I've learned how to play a mean game of keep-away, so Mom can't usually get me back in the house unless she offers me something really yummy that I can't resist coming back to eat.  I try to hold out as long as I can, but in the end, I always give in!


  1. Happy very belated birthday, Jason! I think you're still cute.

    Maybe Piper will play with you? You could learn how to play fetch, right?

    1. Dear Katie,
      Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday and for thinking I'm still cute, which of course I am! Piper is an old fuddy-duddy, and she just wants to sleep all the time, not play. That's why I have to play with kittens because they understand the value of playing!
      Your friend, Jason

    2. I think some dogs have different views on playing, Jason. You need a hyper dog like a Jack Russel. :) They love to play! <3 Maybe you should see if your mom has a friend with cats you could play with. You should ask her.