Sunday, August 5, 2012


Mom is going away to that convention thing, starting today, and she won't be back for a whole week!  Meanwhile, my brothers and I have to stay at Pooches' Paradise, and the cats have to stay at Dr. Patricia's office, and the foster kitties have to stay at PetSmart.  Which makes it a bad situation all around, if you ask me.  And the only one who might have any fun at all is Mom.

Anyway, I have not been able to write much in my blog lately because my Chief Research Assistant (a.k.a. Mom) has been running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to get everything ready so she can go to the convention and have fun.  But when all of this is over, which will be on Sunday, August 12, Mom says we can go back to having a nice, normal, quiet life again.  I really, really hope she is right about that!

I asked Mom if I could go to the convention with her, but she said no.  This doesn't seem fair, since the hotel allows dogs to be there.  But Mom said it would be very boring and stressful for me because I would have to stay in a crate in the hotel room most of the time.  This does not sound like it would be much fun, but I do wish I could go for a ride in a covered wagon.  There is supposed to be a real covered wagon at the convention, but it will just be sitting in the lobby, and there won't even be any oxen to pull it.  So that seems kind of silly, if you ask me.

Well, that's pretty much all I can say about the fact that my blog is going on hiatus.  I was going to say it was going "on vacation," which sounds like more fun, but Mom said hiatus is a better word, and it almost makes my blog seem like a popular TV show or something.  Except that I am not leaving you with some big cliffhanger before the hiatus starts, which I think is really annoying when TV shows do that!

Anyway, I will only be gone about a week, so don't wander off and stop following my blog, okay?  Because I wouldn't like it if that happened!


  1. Dear Piper,

    I am very sad to read this, but I am also very worried about your mom. How will she ever function without you around to tell her what to do?

    Hurry back
    Zest! superstar in training

    1. Dear Zest!
      This is Piper's mom. Thank you for your concern about me. It has definitely been hard to get along without Piper's help and advice! I am surprised I survived the convention without having Piper there, but somehow I did. I just got home tonight, and I can go pick up all the dogs and cats tomorrow afternoon. Then we will be together again, and everyone will be happy. I am sure Piper will have a lot to write about in her blog as soon as she gets rested up!

  2. Dear Eva-

    I am glad you survived without Piper. You must be more talented than my mom. My mom says she wouldn't know what to do without several dogs following her into the bathroom and kitchen.

    busy superstar and bunny catcher (yes, I caught another one today, almost caught 2)