Thursday, September 20, 2012


This whole week, which started on Monday and will end on Sunday, is Petfinder's Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week.  So I thought it would be a great chance for me to tell you about some pets that you might want to adopt here in the Kansas City area.  Or if you live someplace else, you can also adopt a less-adoptable pet, just by going to your local shelter or rescue group.  Because sadly, there are always lots of dogs and cats that people overlook when they are trying to find a pet to adopt.  And sometimes it's because these animals have physical problems or because they are older or something like that.  But it's really not the animal's fault, and if you just adopt them, they can be loving and wonderful, and you'll be very happy to have them in your life.

Anyway, this is Spirit, who is a very pretty Aussie mix.  He is about 2 years old, very friendly and well-behaved, and he gets along great with dogs and cats.  Spirit was abused and neglected, and when he was rescued, he was starving and dehydrated.  He ended up with some kidney damage, so he has to eat a special kind of food.  Also he has to go to the vet 3 or 4 times a year to get tests done to make sure his kidneys are still working okay.  So all of this will cost a little extra money, but having a dog like Spirit would make it worth the cost.

Hercules is a German Shepherd who was abandoned in a rental house.  He tested positive for heartworms, so he is getting treated right now, and he isn't allowed to run around loose in the yard.  Instead, he has to stay on a leash when he goes out.  Hercules is friendly with most dogs.  He is 3 years old and weighs 75 pounds.

Maggie May is another animal who was left in a house when her people moved away.  I'm not sure why anybody would do this to their pet, but a lot of people seem to do it.  Maggie May is 10 or 12 years old, but cats can live long lives, so she has lots of good years left.  Maggie May was really matted when she came to the shelter, so she had to be shaved.  The best kind of home for her would be a nice, quiet one.

Daisy is a pitbull mix, so that means people who live in certain parts of this area can't adopt her because it's against the law.  And other people are nervous about having a pitbull.  But Daisy is a nice girl who is fun and friendly.  She has a lot of energy and is very playful, so she would would like to live with someone who could take her for a walk every day, or maybe even let her go running with them.  Daisy is a year and a half old, weighs about 40 pounds, and gets along with most other dogs.

There is nothing wrong with Pretzel except that she has been at the shelter since she was a kitten.  She's 6 years old now.  Pretzel is friendly and playful, and she likes other cats.

Okay, well, all those animals I just told you about can be adopted at the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City.  Now I will tell you about a few cats that DivaPets has.  This is the rescue group Mom fosters kittens for.  There are some cats there that happen to be less adoptable, but they are still very nice cats, and they need homes just as much as the cute little kittens do.

Wobbles got her name because she walks funny.  When she was a kitten, Wobbles had a bad virus infection that gave her some nerve damage.  So now she looks like she might be drunk on catnip when she walks, but she can't help it.  That's just the way she is.  Wobbles is a year and a half old, and she is a very sweet kitty.

Tilt had a horrible ear infection when he was little, so now he goes around with his head tilted to one side.  He is a very pretty cat, and he gets along well with other kitties.

We think Miss BK got hit by a car when she was a kitten, or at least somehow she got injured.  She ended up with something called a prolapsed anus, which means the inside of her anus kept coming out, which it's not supposed to do.  Miss BK had several kinds of treatment, and nothing seemed to work, so the rescue people were thinking they might have to put her to sleep.  But then a veterinarian did surgery on her, and after that, her anus was just fine and it stopped doing that prolapse thing.  Miss BK is all well now, and she doesn't even have to eat special, soft food anymore, like she did before the surgery.

Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet-Week is more than halfway over, which means that you need to rush out and adopt a less-adoptable pet right away, if you're going to do it this week.  But the truth is that there are always pets out there who end up waiting a long time to get adopted.  So the next time you are looking for a dog or cat to adopt, you should think about making one of these pets a part of your family.  At least that's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it!

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