Monday, September 3, 2012


Well, guess what!  We have a whole new fresh batch of foster kittens!  We've had them for a whole week now, so maybe they aren't totally new anymore, but they're still new enough.

The foster kittens we used to have -- Waverly, Willis, Wyatt, and Waldo -- all got adopted.  Willis and Waldo got adopted together by a lady who has two dogs.  And then a week later, Waverly and Wyatt got adopted together, but Mom wasn't there when the adoption happened at PetSmart, so she doesn't know who adopted them.  She just knows that when she went to pick them up, they had just got adopted, and so she felt kind of sad to come home with no kittens.

But now we have FIVE new kittens, and we are not sad anymore!  The new kittens all have names that start with "M."  Four of them are littermates, and the fifth one is younger, and he isn't related to the other ones, but he doesn't know that.

Now I will tell you the story of these kittens.  First of all, a man brought a little Siamese-mix kitten to the shelter.  He found the kitten alone in some bushes near his house.  So one of the vet techs at the shelter took the kitten home and fed her out of a bottle, and named her Moxie.

Then a lady brought in a feral mama cat and her four kittens.  The lady had been feeding these cats, and she caught them in a trap.  So Aunt Tania took them home with her, but one of the kittens was puny, and it died.  Meanwhile, Aunt Tania and the other people at the shelter figured out that Moxie was really part of this same litter, because the lady who brought the litter in lived nextdoor to the man who brought Moxie in.

Aunt Tania kept the mama cat and her kittens at her house, but the mama cat was not wanting to take care of the kittens, so Aunt Tania had to help feed them and then get them weaned so that they would start eating real food and not just milk.

I don't know exactly when all this happened, but I do know that on August 21st, a lady brought in a tiny gray kitten who was about 2 weeks old.  This kitten got abandoned by his mama.  The lady knew for sure that that is what happened because she had been feeding some feral cats, and one had kittens, but then she abandoned one.  Which probably meant that it was sick or something.

So this kitten got named Mickey.  He had bad eye-goopy stuff and probably a respiratory infection, so he got some medicine, and Aunt Tania took him home and fed him with a bottle.  And after a week, he was doing much better.

Okay, well, all of that happened, and then last Monday, Mom was ready to foster some more kittens.  She didn't have to take all five of the kittens, but she decided to do it because she is sort of crazy like that.  The four littermates were about five weeks old then.  Mickey and Moxie already had names, and there was also another Siamese-mix girl named Macie.  She was the most puny kitten after the one who died, so Aunt Tania was taking special care of her and put her in a cage with Mickey, so he wouldn't be lonely.

The other two kittens are boys, and they didn't have names yet, so Mom got to name them.  One is a Siamese mix, and the other is black, with kind of long, soft hair.  Mom named the first one Mingo, and she named the black one Morgan.

The kittens live in the room where the "W" kittens used to live, but they are staying in crates right now, and not running around loose most of the time.  Mom keeps the bottom half of the doors closed, so we dogs can't go in the room, which is sad because it smells like we could eat some really yummy kitten poop if we could just get in there.  Jason goes in all the time, and he plays with the kittens a little, but they are still pretty small, and they don't exactly know how to play yet.

Mom has to feed Mickey every 3 or 4 hours.  He has a very loud voice, and he cries a lot when he is hungry.  Mom doesn't get up in the night to feed him because she is too lazy.  He can mostly get through the night without crying, so that's good.  Mom wants him to start eating real cat food instead of just milk, so he can grow up to be a big, strong kitten.  Right now he is very funny-looking because his head is way too big for the rest of him, but Mom says he will probably grow into it.  I think he just looks like a little gray mouse, which might be how he got the name Mickey.


  1. Dear Piper-

    I asked my mom if we could have one of your kittens, but she said no. I don't think it's very fair that you get to have all of those kittens and I don't have any. Dad said if I qualified in agility trials more often, I could have what ever I wanted, but that seems like an awful lot of work, even for a kitten.

    Your friend
    Zest, superstar in training but kittenless

    1. Dear Zest,
      I'm sorry your mom won't let you have any kittens. I would gladly box up a couple of ours and send them to you. I think Mom is maybe spending too much time feeding them and cleaning up their messes. Sometimes Mom thinks so, too! Ha!
      Your friend,