Thursday, September 13, 2012


Mom thinks our new foster kittens are really cute, just like she thinks all of our foster kittens are cute.  And whenever Mom thinks anything is cute, she just can't help herself -- she starts taking bunches of pictures with her camera.  So now we have a boatload of photos of our foster kittens, and the only way to make sure the photos don't go to waste is for me to put some of them in my blog.  Or at least that's what Mom says, so anyway here goes.

In this first picture, you can see Mickie, Macie, and Moxie.

And here's a photo of "Mother Jason," as we call him, because he loves the kittens and likes to take care of them.  Jason is the only one besides Mom who goes in the kitten room.  Jason licks the kittens clean and plays with them and poops in their litter box to show them how it's done.  Also he finishes up their food if they don't eat it all.  The kittens snuggle with him and try to find the milk spigots, but so far, they haven't had any luck.

Sometimes little Mickie needs special attention, because she is still too young to clean herself up very well.  Mom does this for her part of the time, but other times she lets Jason do it.

When the kittens eat, they are very, very messy.  They just wade right into the middle of their food dish, and they get cat food all over their feet and tummies and noses.  I think this is silly, but Mom says that I probably ate the same way when I was a puppy.  I find this hard to believe, but sometimes it's not worth the bother to argue with Mom.

Here's Macie after she just finished eating and still has food on her nose and probably on her feet, too.

And this is Macie sleeping on a toy.  It's really a dog toy, but Mom won't let us dogs have it because she says we would just tear it up.  

This is Morgan.

And here's Morgan playing with Moxie.

At bedtime, the kittens all go in a nice crate that Mom fixed up for them to sleep in with a bunch of cushy blankets and also a heated disk thing under their bed to make sure they stay warm.

"I won't go to bed!" says Morgan.  "Just try to make me!"

Mingo is a very handsome dude.

Little Mickie feels much better now that she got rid of all those tapeworms.  She is eating real food, just like the big kittens.  She is playing and tottering around the room really fast on her short little legs.  She even purrs now, but not as much as the big kittens.  It's hard to believe she is 5 weeks old already because she is still so little.

We are hoping that Mickie will be healthy now and will grow up to be an adult cat.  She might always be a small kitty, but that's okay.  At least it's a lot better than dying at a very young age!

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