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Photo ©Jessica Stone
Today I'm going to tell you about a one-eyed bulldog who lives in Austin, Texas, which is where Aunt Cheryl also lives.  This bulldog is named Piper, just like me, and she paints pictures and sells them online to help make money for rescue groups.  I know that this does not seem like it could be a true story, but it is, and now I will explain how it all happened.

There is this artist living in Austin, and her name is Jessica Stone.  She and her husband Jeff had a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Roxie, and they decided they would get a second dog.  Jessica really wanted a bulldog, and she wanted to adopt one with special needs.  So she went to San Antonio Bulldog Rescue, because there wasn't a bulldog rescue group in Austin.

Photo ©Jessica Stone
Soon the rescue people contacted Jessica and Jeff to say they had a bulldog who only had one eye, who was very grumpy, and who had bad hip dysplasia.  The dog had been turned in by her owner because he was afraid of her.  She was a dog who needed a lot of patience because she got startled easily, would snap at you if you woke her up, and didn't like to be picked up because it hurt her hips.  But Jessica and Jeff fell in love with her right away and took her home with them.  They worked with her and taught her that she was safe living with them, so she didn't have to be so defensive about everything.

Piper's very first painting
After Piper got used to her new home, she would go every day and sit in her mom's studio and watch her mom painting.  Jessica finally got the idea that Piper might like to do some painting herself, so she let Piper hold a brush in mouth.  Then Jessica held some paper up while Piper chewed on the brush and moved her head around.  And that's how Piper made her first painting.

"A Gift of Joy" by Piper
Now Piper has become sort of famous as a doggy artist.  She has her own Facebook page, her own website, and she sells paintings on Etsy.  An original painting costs between $55 and $144, or you can buy a print reproduction for $20.  There are also some other things for sale, such as photos of Piper that her mom took, t-shirts, and notecards.  Ten percent of the profit from these items goes to various rescue groups, such as San Antonio Bulldog Rescue.  Piper's used paintbrushes are also donated for charity auctions.  Not long ago, one of these brushes sold for $250.

Jessica Stone says she has not taught Piper anything about painting.  All she does is choose the colors and hold the paper while Piper paints.  Piper calls Jessica her "sidekick."  If you want to see Piper paint and hear an interview with her sidekick by the Texas Country Reporter, you can go here:

Photos ©Jessica Stone

I have been thinking maybe I should become an artist and paint pictures myself.  But then I think maybe I should just stick to writing a blog.  I guess, in the end, I just don't want to start any other activities that would take away from my napping time!

"Snails and Tails" by Piper

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