Friday, November 16, 2012


There's an old motel in Kansas City, Kansas that Mom drives by a lot on her way to the shelter to play with the poor, homeless dogs and cats.  Ever since Mom started driving by this motel, which was several years ago, she noticed that it was for sale, but nobody has ever bought it.  Mom says the motel is "quaint" and "interesting," but I think words like "run-down" and "ugly" are better.  At least Mom and I agree that we would not want to spend the night there!

Back in the old days, there used to be lots of little motels like this one, but now you don't see them very much.  Instead, what you see is big motel chains like Holiday Inn or Super 8.  If anybody bought this old motel, which is called West Haven, they would probably just tear it down and build something else there.  Maybe you could make senior housing or dog kennels out of it, but I still think it would be better to knock it down with a bulldozer and start over.

We don't know when this motel was built, but it was maybe in the 1940s or 1950s.  At one time, it was probably a very nice little motel, with a restaurant and even a swimming pool.  People still like to stay at motels that have swimming pools, especially if they are traveling with children.

The West Haven pool even has a diving board and a little bit of water in it.  Of course, you might want to paint the pool and add more, cleaner water before you actually went swimming in it.

There are a couple of nice chairs where you can sit and watch the swimmers.

The motel is painted tan and red, which gives it kind of a Southwest look.  But if you get up close, you can see that the paint is peeling off.

And one of the canopy things over the door is gone.  Mom looked in the windows of a couple of rooms, and here's what she saw:  1) chairs, 2) mattresses, 3) bed frames, 4) toilets, 5) plaster and dirt.

The restaurant is also closed, but you can either buy it or rent it.

The office is also closed.

But you are still not supposed to park outside the office unless you are a customer.

We don't know how much money the owner of this motel wants, but we think it's probably not a whole lot.  At least I, personally, would only want to pay for the land and whatever it costs to tear down the buildings.  Not that I have any money, since I am just a dog.  But I will say this, that the very first thing I would get rid of is the swimming pool, because I really, really hate water!

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