Monday, December 24, 2012


At Christmastime, lots of people put little manger scenes in their houses, and these show the birth of Jesus in a stable.  You pretty much have to have at least Mary, Joseph, and Jesus in one of these scenes, but you can also have shepherds, wise men, and angels.  Also you can put in some nice animals such as sheep, cattle, camels, and a donkey.

There are lots and lots of ways to make nativity scenes, and some of the traditional ways to make them is out of things such as wood, stone, clay, or cloth.  But I found pictures of some really goofy manger scenes online, so I am going to show those to you.  I hope nobody will get mad, because I am not trying to offend anybody.

Anyway, to start with, it turns out that food makes a good nativity scene.  For instance, you can use cupcakes or eggs or (my favorite) bacon and sausages.

This one is carved out of radishes:

Photo by Michael Benanav

I'm not sure what this one is made of, but I don't think you can eat it!

Here is sort of a modern-looking nativity scene made out of blocks:

And this one is mostly made out of tampons and tampon wrappers:

Sometimes what makes a manger scene special is not what it's made of, but who is in it.

But the best manger scenes of all are the ones that have DOGS in them!


  1. very good blog today Piper. I asked mom if we could do a lunchmeat creche, but she did not think that was a good idea. I thought it a really, really yummy idea, but since mom is the one with thumbs, we won't be doing that.

    I'm glad you posted today, because after the last post you didnt' post for a few days and I thought maybe you had the end of the world where you lived even though we didn't have that here.

    Your friend Zest, superstar in training

    1. Dear Zest!
      We did not have the End of the World here either, but I thought maybe everybody would be busy doing their holiday shopping, so I would just take a nap instead of writing in my blog. I'm sorry your mom won't make a manger scene out of lunchmeat for you. I think that would be yummy, too. I would even eat the cupcake one or the egg one, though, but probably not the radish one. I think a nativity scene made out of rawhide chewies would be good, but Mom says she doesn't want to make one for me. Our moms are just no fun, and maybe we should try to find new ones!
      Your friend, Piper