Sunday, February 10, 2013


Today is the first day of the Year of the Snake on the Chinese calendar, so it's time to slither into a Chinese restaurant near you and have some General Tso's Chicken or whatever your favorite dish is!  The Ancient Chinese said that having a Snake year person in the house was good because it meant that your family would never starve.  They might have said this because Snake people are really good at doing business deals, so they are likely to make a bunch of money.  Or it might mean that a Snake person would always have lots of stuff he could sell if he had to get money to buy food.

Snakes are the most mysterious, intuitive, introspective, clever, and refined of all the signs.  If you are a Snake, you solve problems in a logical and thoughtful way.  But you might be stingy and egotistical and not a very good team player because the only person you rely on is yourself.  You are attractive, graceful, and stylish, and you like beautiful things.  In your house, you might choose to have one expensive chair instead of three cheaper ones.

People born in a Snake year do not do well with stress, noise, and hectic deadlines.  They prefer calm and quiet, and they need plenty of sleep and relaxation in order to stay healthy.  They like luxury and nice things.  Since they get bored easily, Snake people might change jobs often.  They are organized and good at details and problem-solving.

Here are some careers that Snakes might want to consider:  scientist, potter, analyst, jeweler, spiritual leader, sociologist, dietician, astrologer, magician, investigator, painter.  The year of 2013 is a Water Snake year, and Water Snakes are usually lucky with finances.  They love adventure and taking risks.  They are intelligent and creative, and they enjoy making new friends.  The color for the 2013 Water Snake is black.  This is the black of outer space, Arctic nights, the abyss, or deep waters.  The Black Snake can bring unexpected changes and instability, so Water Snake people need to be careful and plan everything out before doing it.

The prediction for 2013 is that it will be a good year to start detailed projects such as investigation or research.  There is a sneaky kind of energy that Snakes have, and you should take advantage of this if you can.  One horoscope said to "look for the holes in the loop."  I think this might mean "loopholes," but it got translated funny from Chinese.

Anyway, Snake people need to have a safe place to work in 2013, where they will feel protected while they use their special analytical skills.  If they are focused and methodical, they can get a whole lot of important stuff done.

Here are a few more things to know about people born in the Year of the Snake:

1.  They get along best with Ox and Rooster people.
2.  They mostly get along with Rat, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, or Horse
3.  They don't get along at all with Tigers or Pigs.
4.  Their lucky colors are yellow and red.
5.  Lucky directions are southwest and northeast.
6.  Lucky numbers are 2, 4, 7, and 9.
7.  Lucky day of the week is Monday.

So now you know about the 2013 Year of the Snake.  I will tell you more about snakes during the coming year.  There are lots of kinds of snakes, and I think that if you meet them in person, they are mostly scary, especially the poisonous ones.  But I plan to be brave and write about them anyway, and maybe we will all learn something.

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