Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Thing Number 1:  Birdwatching

Chloe and Jason like to watch the birds in the sweetgum tree.  These birds are mostly sparrows, and they are eating the seeds out of the annoying, spiky sweetgum balls.  We wish the birds would eat every last seed, so there would never be any more sweetgum trees.  The balls are so thick on our driveway and front yard that we can hardly walk there.  Mom had to get out her snow shovel and shovel the balls off the driveway because she was tired of driving over them.  She said it was like driving on a cobblestone road.

But getting back to the birdwatching.  I don't know why the cats bother to do it because they will never be able to catch one of those birds they see through the window.  But you can't tell them that.  They just sit there, and they get all excited, and they make funny little chattering noises.  It's really dumb, if you ask me, but don't tell them I said that, because they might scratch my eyes out!

Thing Number 2:  Keeping Warm

When it's cold, Mom makes me wear a sweater sweater to bed, which I don't like to do.  This tan sweater is very stretchy, so I can worm my way out of it pretty easily.  But I also have a red one that I can't get out of, and I have to leave it on all night.  On cold mornings, I even wear it when I go out to pee and poop.

Chloe likes to keep warm by snuggling under the covers.  Sometimes she doesn't even leave her head out.

On sunny days, we can sleep in the sun on the bedroom floor, which is another good way to keep warm.  You can see a little bit of me in the bottom right-hand corner of the photo, but Mom thought the cats looked cuter, so that's who she was mostly taking a picture of.

Thing Number 3:  Foster Cats

Dunlop the kitten still hasn't been adopted.  He has been out at PetSmart for over a week.  Aunt Tania was going to put him in with the shelter cats, but then a whole bunch of cats at the shelter got Upper Respiratory Infections.  So Aunt Tania doesn't want to take Dunlop there yet.

Meanwhile, we still have our Ragdoll foster kitties, Achilles and Astrid.  Last week, Astrid got spayed, and Dr. Regan had trouble finding her ovaries and stuff.  At least she couldn't find them at first.  Mom got to watch Dr. Regan do the spay, and Mom said it was very interesting.  Dr. Regan poked around inside Astrid until she finally found one ovary and what's called the horn of the uterus.  But she couldn't find the second ovary until she had pulled out all of Astrid's intestines, and then she found it.  But the horn for that ovary seemed to be very short, so either Astrid was born without one, or else it got damaged when Astrid was pregnant sometime.

Anyway, Dr. Regan put all the intestines back, and then she cut off the ovaries and the one horn, sewed Astrid up, and the spay was all finished.  Ever since then, Astrid has been taking Cephalexin, which is an antibiotic, but she is mostly taking it for her mouth, and not for her surgery.  And this is because Astrid still has some infection in her gums.  We hope the Cephalexin will cure the infection, so that Astrid doesn't have to lose any more teeth.

Achilles got some bloodwork done, and it showed that he is anemic.  We think this is because of all the fleas he used to have on him, sucking the blood out of him.  Achilles doesn't have a lot of energy, which is why Mom thought maybe he was anemic, and it turned out that Mom was right.

Jason doesn't like Achilles, for some reason, so they scream and yell at each other, and sometimes they get into fights.  Mom finds this annoying, which is why she went back to keeping Astrid and Achilles in their own private room a lot of the time.

Okay, well, those are all the Things I am going to tell you today.  Maybe there will be more Things on another day, but right now I think it's time for a nap!


  1. Dear Piper,

    Why don't you like your sweaters? I like wearing mine. I look very cute in them. I have one dark purple jacket that is warm and has sparkley bones on it. Mom made that one a few years ago. I also have a lighter weight pink one that says "princess" on it in tiny letters. (That's just incasee someone doesn't know already. Mom had that one made for me.) And I have some fleece pj's that mom made for me a few weeks ago. The pj's are in bright pink and white zebra print. Of course if your clothes are not made especially for you and tailored correctly, I could see why you don't want to wear them. Not much depresses a princess more than not being dress appropriately for the occasion.

    I have some very sad news, however. Mom put me on a Die-it. I like my figure just the way it is, but mom said I'd put on a bit too much "winter weight."

    Your stylish friend,
    Zest! Princess and Dancing Queen (we get to go to dance class again. I just love it!)

    1. I think I don't like sweaters because I can't walk very well in them, and I certainly could never be expected to chase a squirrel while wearing one! Maybe, like you said, I need to have my garments tailor-made so that they fit me exactly and look more princess-like. I don't think Mom will ever get around to doing that, though.

      I also have some sad news, and I think it's even sadder than your sad news. My brother Barry had to go to the Rainbow Bridge today. And the reason he had to go was that he bit my other brother Nicky one too many times, and this last time, Nicky had to stay in the hospital for two nights, and Mom had to pay a ton of money to get him out of there. And Mom said that she couldn't have both those dogs in the house together anymore, so Barry had to go away. I will have more details and photos in my blog tomorrow.

      Your friend, Piper
      P.S. Mom says I need to go on a Die-it, too, because I am getting pudgy around the middle.

  2. Dear Piper,

    That is exceptionally sad news about Barry. He must have had a very difficult time of things. I will give my brother Digital the brindlewonderkid an extra face washing to honor Barry tonight. Digital is very, very old and frail, so we just have to value every day he is still with us.