Friday, February 22, 2013


You won't believe how much snow we got yesterday!  I think it was about 10 inches! Or maybe 11 inches!  Or 12!  And then a little more snow fell last night, so now we have about a ton of snow, right here in our own yard.  At least Mom says it seems like it weighs that much when you start shoveling it, which she did a little bit of yesterday.  But she is going to pay the kids next door to shovel the driveway today because they are lots younger than she is, and they probably won't have a heart attack while they are shoveling.

Yikes!  Is that a king cobra out there in the snow?

Where am I?  Is that our oak tree? I can't see my feet!

Mel and I did not want to go out in the deep snow to potty, so Mom made a path down the patio steps and out into the yard a little ways.  At first Mel didn't want to go out there, but finally he did.  When he got to the end of the path, he had to go on out into the deep snow so he could pee on the exact tree he wanted to pee on.

Whew!  What a relief!

Mom took me out on a leash to show me the nice path she had shoveled, but I didn't want to potty in the place where she made the path, so I just held my pee.  Then, later on, I couldn't hold it any longer, so Mom let me out, and I went bounding out into the deepest part of the snow.  Then I just had to stop there for a little while because I didn't know how to get out of such deep snow.  But finally, I floundered back to the path that Mom had made, and I pottied there because it turned out to be a good place for pottying after all.  I just wish Mom had shoveled off most of the yard, so that I would have more choices about where to do my business.

My feet are cold.  Time to go in the house!

Okay, well, Mom started a Big Project yesterday during the big snowstorm, but she didn't get finished, so she will have to work on it some more today.  The Big Project is pulling up the old, icky carpet in the Cat Room, and throwing the carpet away.  Mom has only been thinking she would do this project for about 5 or 6 years.  But since our car is in the shop, and we are snowed in, this seemed like a perfect time for doing a Big Project.

Latifa checks out the ugly spots on the floor.

Mom even thought she could pull up the carpet in the Cat Room yesterday and in her bedroom today, but she was silly to think that, because she only got about half the carpet pulled up in the Cat Room yesterday, so she will have to finish that room today.

We all knew that the floor under the carpet in the Cat Room would be really ugly because lots of dogs have peed on it for many, many years.  Of course, I am not the kind of bad girl who would ever pee there, but I know for a fact that Gabe did sometimes.  And he told me that Trixie did, too.  Plus the carpet was probably there for a long time before Mom moved into the house, so it smells like some other dogs have peed on it.  Also, that room used to be the bedroom of the daughters of the family that Mom bought the house from, so who knows what they might have spilled on the carpet.

On the underneath side of the carpet, you can see
how many times it got peed on.

Anyway, Mom found some places under the carpet where the floor was really stained, and she didn't even get to the area yet that she thinks might be the worst.  I guess we will find out today what that part of the floor looks like.

The blood stains from when Jason bit Achilles last Sunday.
Mom tried to get them out of the carpet, but she did a lousy job!

I really liked it when Mom was working in the Cat Room because she took down the gate, and I got to go in there, which I usually don't get to do.  I crawled under the bed and did all sorts of exploring.  I thought there might be some food there, but sadly, I did not find any.

Latifa always has to be right in the middle of everything!

Latifa and Jason and Chloe were very interested in what Mom was doing to their room, except whenever she turned on the vacuum cleaner.  So they snooped around and crawled under the carpet and got in Mom's way.  Latifa chewed a hole in Mom's trash bag, which was not helpful.  I mostly took a nap in the other bedroom, which Mom said was very helpful.

Inspector Jason checks out Mom's work

Mom is not going to have anybody try to fix the floor.  She doesn't know if it can be fixed or not because of all the bad stains, but maybe a person with a sander could get rid of them.  She will probably just wait until she gets ready to sell the house and let the buyer decide if they want to fix the floors or put down new carpet.  In the meantime, we're going to have a bunch of rugs there so we don't have to look at the really ugliest places.

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