Monday, April 29, 2013


The kittens turned 8 weeks old yesterday, so Mom took a bunch of new pictures of them.  They will get neutered and spayed on May 7.  They all weigh over 2 pounds already, except for Esmé, who weighs 1 pound, 14.5 ounces.  So by the 7th, they should all be big enough for their surgery.

Some people came over a few nights ago, and they met all the kittens.  They already thought they wanted Edward, and they decided they would also take Etienne, so those two are spoken for.  There are some other people who want a white kitten, which means that their only choice now would be Esmé.  If they adopt her, then we will only have one kitten left to find a home for, and that is Erica.

Of course, Eliza will also need to have a home.  But first her milk has to dry up and she has to get spayed.  Mom was talking to Aunt Tania yesterday about maybe trying to get Eliza to nurse some "bottle baby" kittens, if any more come in during the next week or two.  There are just way too many kittens right now, and all the foster homes are full.

Anyway, here are the latest photos of our own kittens.  I am sure they are much cuter than anybody else's kittens.

Here's Esmé:

And here's Esmé having a discussion with Chloe:

This is Erica:

And Erica exploring Mom's plants:

Edward likes the Kitten Tower:

And he also likes playing with his mama:

Etienne is exploring the bathroom:

After they romp around for a while, the kittens all line up at the milk bar.  It's harder to get in there than it used to be because the kittens have grown a lot.

Eliza doesn't let them nurse very long these days.  When she gets tired of them, she just gets up and goes away, because sometimes all she wants to do is lie around by herself!

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