Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Guess what!  On Sunday our kittens turned ONE WHOLE MONTH OLD!  They just keep growing and learning all sorts of new and useful skills.  Of course, Mom still has not let any of us dogs or other cats into the room where the kittens are, so I have only sniffed them under the door and seen the pictures of them.  I would really, really like to go in that room sometime.  I don't care so much about meeting Eliza and the kittens.  I just want to eat the food that is sitting out in the cat dishes.  I know it is there because I can smell it.  Sometimes it doesn't all get eaten, and then Mom puts it in the garbage disposal, which is a terrible tragedy, if you ask me.

But anyway, I have a bunch of pictures to show you that will prove what the kittens have learned to do so far.

1.  WRESTLING -- The kittens have figured out that it's fun to play with each other.  And sometimes one of them squeals because another kitten got too rough.

Erica, Elton, and Etienne in a 3-way brawl

Etienne, Elton, and Erica take a break from wrestling

2.  GROOMING -- They're not very good at this yet, but they sort of try to lick their paws and other parts of themselves sometimes.

Elton licks himself while Erica and Etienne wrestle

3.  LOOKING CUTE -- Okay, the kittens have always had this talent, but now that they can toddle around pretty fast, they are cuter than ever.

Esmé has a darling little brown spot on one ear.


Four kittens looking at something

4.  USING THE LITTER BOX -- This is a very important thing for a kitty to learn.  Edward really likes to use the litter box, so he keeps showing his brothers and sisters how it should be done.

Edward peeing

Edward checking to make sure he really did pee.
Esmé and Erica are impressed.

5.  CLIMBING ON STUFF AND OVER STUFF -- The kittens are just starting to do this, but soon they will be climbing everywhere.  Mom cut the side of their box down so that they can climb in and out of it.  Also, the kittens are now trying to climb up Mom's leg.

Edward is about to leave the box.

Esmé climbs on the S-shaped kitty scratching thing.

6.  PLAYING -- Besides playing with each other, the kittens have discovered other interesting stuff to play with.

Edward learns that Mom's shoelaces make a fine toy.

7.  EATING -- Etienne started eating real cat food about a week ago.  The other kittens aren't so sure it's something they should put in their mouths. They think maybe their mom's milk is better.

Food tastes yummier if you stand in it while you eat.

Erica wonders what this water stuff is for.

Edward and Erica bypass the food and head for the milk bar.

"Mom, please open the milk bar.  We're hungry!"

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