Saturday, April 20, 2013


Mom called Aunt Tania yesterday morning and told her about how Hank the Hound Dog had killed Elton the kitten.  Also, Mom told Aunt Tania that she couldn't get ahold of anybody at the shelter who could help with getting Hank back into the shelter.  So Aunt Tania called some people, and at lunchtime, Mom came home from work, and Aunt Jana came and picked up Hank.

So now we are back to our normal selves, and we like that much better, even though Hank was a nice dog in some ways.  But since Hank is gone, I can sleep on the sofa in my usual spot, and I don't have to worry about whether Hank is going to come along and want to sleep there.

The kittens get to come out of their room again and play in the living room, which they like to do.  Eliza was already coming out of the kitten room, but now she can be out more.  We don't know if she misses Elton or not.  She keeps making little trilling, meowing sounds to her kittens, so maybe she is calling for him.  Or maybe she is just talking to the other four kittens.

We don't think Eliza is nursing much anymore, but she is driving Mom nuts because she keeps getting into the kitchen cabinet where the cat and dog treats are.  Then she rips open the bags and eats the treats.  Or else, if the treats are in plastic containers, she bangs the containers around and makes a lot of noise.  And sometimes she pulls the containers out and knocks them on the floor.

Mel just sleeps a lot, kind of like I do.  Mel can't hear much anymore, probably because he is getting really old.

Last night when it was bedtime, Mom could only find two of the kittens.  She looked everywhere for Esmé and Etienne, but she couldn't find them.  She looked under the sofa and behind the piano and around a lot of other furniture.  She even looked in the refrigerator and outside on the patio.  But she couldn't find the kittens anywhere.

Of course, I could have found them, because I am a dog, and I have superior tracking abilities using my doggy nose.  Mom asked me where the kittens were, but I was busy sort of snoozing on the sofa, and besides, it was more fun to watch Mom look for them.  Finally, we all went to bed, and Mom left the door to the kittens' room open.  And this morning, guess what!  There were four kittens all snuggled up in there in the rocking chair.

Okay, well, that's all for now.  I just wanted to tell you that our kittens are safe again, and we are sort of back to normal.

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