Thursday, May 9, 2013


Mom came and rescued me yesterday from the horrible doggy hospital jail place.  I had already chewed up a catheter thingy they stuck in my leg, which was my way of saying "Let me out of here!"  My usual doctor who takes care of me at VCA Mission, Dr. Grigsby, wasn't there because she had a baby. The baby, whose name is Lily, came 6 weeks early, which surprised everybody.  So now there are two other doctors who are caring for Dr. Grigsby's patients.

My doctor was Dr. Nikki, who Mom already knows because Mom got Dr. Nikki elected to the board of the Humane Society, which Mom is also on.  Dr. Nikki is very young and cute, and I like her, but I do not like being in the hospital.

I got stuck with a bunch of needles, and filled with a bunch of fluids and who knows what else.  They did a little blood test of my cortisol, and it turned out okay.  Then they fed me and I ate, so Dr. Nikki decided I didn't need to have an ultrasound.  I didn't have that distended stomach thing anymore.  And I had normal poop.

So Dr. Nikki told Mom that maybe I had just had a stomach upset.  She sent me home, and said to bring me back in a week to get a much bigger test of my cortisol levels.  Mom took me home, and I went in the back yard, and I had a whole bunch of squirty diarrhea, just like I had before I went to the doggy hospital.  Also, I wasn't too excited about eating supper, but finally I did eat it.

Mom did not want to take me back over there, so she decided to wait and see if I would get better in a day or so.  I'm taking antibiotics and antacids and stuff like that, so maybe I will get cured pretty soon.  I really hope so, because I am tired of feeling lousy.

Okay, well, I wrote that part last night, and now it's morning, and I am still not feeling any better, so Mom is about to take me back to that awful doggy hospital place.  I don't know what is wrong with me, but I wish it would go away.  And I think Mom should get a refund because I didn't get fixed properly the first time I was there.


  1. I think you should get better and NOT go back to the animal hospital.


    1. Dear Zest,
      That is exactly what Piper wanted to do, but now she has been delivered to the hospital, and I hope she will be all better very soon! Thanks for your concern about her.
      Piper's mom, Eva

  2. We were hoping for a happy update.

    --Zest! worried superstar in training