Sunday, May 5, 2013


On Tuesday, Mom went over to the shelter, and she brought home 5 little gray kittens who were about 3 weeks old.  These kittens did not have a mama, so we hoped that Eliza would be all motherly and let them use her as their milk bar.  But Eliza said there was No Way she was doing such a thing.  She hissed and growled at them at whole bunch.  Mom finally got Eliza to let the kittens nurse one time, but then she got up and walked away from them.  So Mom had to feed the kittens goat milk, and she even had to get up in the middle of the night to do this.

Anyway, Mom took the gray kittens back to the shelter on Wednesday, and a mama cat from some other rescue group was there.  She thought the kittens were pretty nice, so she let them nurse.  Then the other rescue group took the mama cat back, and they kept the babies, too.

Meanwhile, Mom brought home 5 more kittens, but these kittens have their very own mama to feed them, so Mom doesn't have to get up in the middle of the night to do it.  This mama cat got brought to the shelter after some teenagers found her in a park, under a bush, where she was busy giving birth to her kittens.  She is a very nice cat, so we think she was somebody's pet.  We don't know how she ended up having her kittens under a bush in a park.

The kittens were born on April 22, so they will be two weeks old on Monday.  Mom let her friend Rob, who is the dad of Trouble the Bunny, name the mama and her kittens.  Uncle Rob lives in Los Angeles.  He really likes kittens, but he can't have one because he is allergic to them.  Anyway, he decided to pick out some names that start with the letter A.  Then he and Mom made a short list, and Uncle Rob decided which names would go with which kittens.

Mom took pictures on Wednesday, when the kittens first came here, but she has not taken any since then.  Mom says that so far the kittens just look like sleepy little rats, so there's not much to take pictures of.  But anyway, here they are.  The first 2 are girls, and the other 3 are boys.  The mom's name is Audra.






Okay, so with all these kittens in the house, Mom had to move the "old" kittens out of the Kitten Room and put the new kittens in there.  This was very confusing for Eliza and the old kittens, but everybody's pretty much getting used to it now.  Mom had to put an extra litter box in the downstairs bathroom for Eliza and her kittens to use.  I really liked this arrangement, because it meant I could go eat yummy stuff out of the litter box anytime I wanted to.

So I ate a bunch of kitty litter goodies and also a little kitten food, when I could get it.  And I chewed on my blanket sometimes, because I've always liked doing that.  But then, yesterday morning my stomach felt really icky, and I didn't want to eat any breakfast.  This got Mom worried because I always eat my breakfast.

Then later, I puked up a whole bunch of stinky stuff and some little chunks of blanket, which Mom had to clean up while holding her nose, or at least her breath.  She ended up taking me to Dr. Patricia's office and leaving me there while she went to work.  I had a bunch of diarrhea while I was there, so when Mom came back to pick me up at lunchtime, she got some Metronidazole for me and also some probiotics.  Now if I can just keep all my food down in my stomach where it belongs, that will be good.

Sadly, Mom figured out a way to keep me from getting to the litter box.  She put a child gate across the shower stall where the litter box is.  There is only enough room at the bottom of the gate for cats and kittens to go under there.  I can't go under it because I am too big.

This morning, the naughty kittens discovered Toilet Paper, and they unrolled several yards of it on the bathroom floor.  But that's another story.


  1. I think your mom must be addicted to kittens. I wonder if there is somewhere she can go and get some help.

    Mom said kitten Anderson looks like Anderson Cooper.

    I hope your tummy is feeling better. I got really sick one time and had to spend the night at the ER because my tummy didn't feel good, so i think it's very good that you're home and not at the ER. They didn't know that Basenjis need to sleep in beds with humans, so that was very sad. Mom said they had lots of educations, but I find that hard to believe as they didn't even know where a basenji is suposed to sleep.

    --Zest, superstar in training

    1. Dear Zest,

      You are right. My mom has a horrible, sad addiction to kittens. I don't know where she can get help. Maybe there is a 12-step program or something.

      Kitten Anderson was actually given that name because of Anderson Cooper, so that is why they look alike!

      My tummy feels much better now. I am just annoyed that Mom fixed the bathroom with that gate thing so I can't get to the litter box.

      Your friend, Piper