Saturday, June 29, 2013


When we were in Texas at Aunt Cheryl's house, Mom kept taking pictures of me and also some of Piper.  But she took more of me because (1) I'm her newest dog, and (2) I'm so darned cute.  Piper already said most of the stuff that needed to be said about our trip, but she didn't show you very many pictures of ME, and those are the best ones of all!

Okay, so here I am on the bed where Piper and I slept with Mom.  I like to sleep under the covers, and since there were no cats in the way, I could even sleep between Mom's legs, which is a very cozy and safe place to sleep.

Getting my picture taken makes me a little nervous, and when I'm nervous, I keep my ears back.  That's one reason Mom takes so many photos of me, I think.  She is trying to get one where I have my ears up.

I have a little bit of separation anxiety, so when Mom goes away, it makes me feel stressed.  Every time Mom left our room downstairs and went upstairs, I scratched at the door and whined.  One time I started crying really loud, and Piper starting barooing, and we made a whole lot of noise to show how much we didn't like being left alone.

When Mom comes back, I'm happy, and sometimes I do a little dance and jump up against her leg.  Mom says this is not good manners, but she hasn't made me stop doing it.

Here I am on the bed with Piper.  I love it when Mom rubs my tummy, so I'm always rolling over because it makes me look cute and I get attention.  When Piper saw how much fun I had getting my tummy rubbed, she even rolled over a couple of times, too.

In this picture, I am investigating a pile of bricks.  Like Piper said, there are tons of interesting smells in Aunt Cheryl's yard, and a girl's nose could get tired just checking them all out.

Okay, that's all the pictures of me, but Mom said I should show a couple of pictures of the plants she bought.  These are just some of the biggest ones.  She also bought a bunch of smaller ones.  This first photo has a Bursera fagaroides, an Adansonia za (which is also called a Baobab Tree), and a Pachypodium succulentum.

And in this photo there is a Cyphostemma juttae crossed with a Cyphostemma hardyi.  I don't really know anything about plants.  I'm just saying what Mom told me to say!

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